New Community Site for Operations Manager 2007

New Community Site for Operations Manager 2007

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Launched a couple of weeks ago, the site is a new community resource for Management Pack authors and IT Pros, focusing on MP authoring best practices, but also with featured articles, tutorials, administration content, downloads and more.

The content on the site is comprised from multiple Microsoft sources including Microsoft Consulting Services, Microsoft IT, the Operations Manager product team, and key members of our field.  While this content is not 'officially supported' by Microsoft, you can be assured that it's used in the field and every day inside of Microsoft.

Join the rapidly growing community at, and you'll be sure to find some useful nuggets of information ... and more!

Sacha Dawes
Sr. Technical Product Manager
System Center

  • There's no real community aspect to it (i.e., you cannot comment or participate).  Its definitely a community resource but not sure how it fits into the community model.  Those who have been waiting for this site to show up are a little disappointed, primarily due to it being built on Sharepoint.  There's just no "Wow" factor.

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