Anticipating the Big Show

Anticipating the Big Show

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Quick note to everyone to say we've got quite a line-up coming next week for the Management Summit in Las Vegas (April 28-May 2). We'll have announcements galore, videos, blog posts, new content, and a brand-spankin'-new product marketing site to unveil.

So, next week look to this blog and the System Center site (which goes live Tuesday morning) for the big splash.

- dave //

  • Please enable full feeds so readers don't have to click through.

    For example, on this post, the first paragraph shows up in RSS Bandit with a (read more) link at the end. Clicking through gives us the "benefit" of reading one additional sentence.

    That seems to be a waste of the readers' time with no apparent concurrent benefit on your end.


  • you bet--let me see what I can do about that...

    - dave

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