DPM named finalist for Product of the Year -- storage management category

DPM named finalist for Product of the Year -- storage management category

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Vote for DPM 2007 as Storage Management product of the year at eWeek Channel Insider

We were recently informed that System Center Data Protection Manager 2007 has been named a finalist for 'Product of the Year' for eWeek Channel Insider ... in the Storage Management category.

There are some other good finalists, but DPM is the only backup/replication technology in consideration.  As part of System Center, we see ourselves as 'data protection management', combining disk and tape into a unified solution, instead of being just a 'backup' product.  We think that DPM really changes the way that folks achieve data protection, not only from the unifed media perspective, but also because:

DPM comes from the original manufacturer of the workloads being protected (SQL, Exchange, SharePoint, Windows) instead of relying on  third-party backup and/or replication products (or both). 

From an ease-of-use & cost-effectiveness perspective, we believe that DPM has brought advanced data protection to mainstream Windows users.

And we hope that we have empowered application owners to protect themselves within large enterprises, instead of relying on backup & storage experts who may not understand the intricacies of the applications.

If you agree, we'd appreciate your vote for DPM as Storage Management product of the year.

And thanks in advance for your vote and support of DPM.

Jason Buffington -- DPM

  • I put my vote in.  Been very impressed with DPM2007 in the short time I've used it.

  • Seems Microsoft is making immediate head-way into the world of Storage with DPM 2007… http://blogs

  • Well almost :)  System Center Data Protection Manager is up for the eWeek product of the year in

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