System Center VMM (VNext) and management of VMware

System Center VMM (VNext) and management of VMware

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Howdy - I'm Larry Grothaus, a product manager on the System Center team. To start out let me point out that there are two "Larry's" on the System Center business, with Larry Orecklin being the other.  Larry "O" is the general manager over System Center product management and virtualization marketing and you can see a post from him a little further down the blog.

Regarding this post, with all the buzz around server virtualization these days, thought those of you following System Center happenings might be interested in this related post by Rakesh on the Virtual Machine Manager team.  He talks about the next version of System Center VMM (referred to as "VNext", currently) and the ability to manage not only Hyper-V and Virtual Server, but also VMware environments.

For background on why the team made the decision to manage VMware and what that really means, check out the post:

Thanks and enjoy - Larry


Update 1/23: Enjoy this recently posted video from the Virtualization Day event:


  • Microsoft Corp. today articulated an expanded role for virtualization as a key enabler of its Dynamic

  • Today Microsoft delivered the Hyper-V release candidate (RC) code broadly to customers and partners.

  • A Microsoft acabou de lançar a versão 'Release Candidate' 0 da solução de virtualização para o Windows

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