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  • Blog Post: Update: WinObj v2.21

    WinObj v2.21: This release fixes a bug related to minimizing and restoring the WinObj window.
  • Blog Post: Updates: VMMap v3.02, WinObj v2.22 and an Interview - Mark on Channel 9 Cloud Cover

    Mark on Channel 9 Cloud Cover: Check out the most recent Cloud Cover episode, where Mark is the guest and he talks about the Windows Azure fabric controller, cyber terrorism and his novel, Zero Day. VMMap v3.02: This release fixes several bugs. WinObj v2.22: A number of bugs, including on affecting...
  • Blog Post: Updates: WinObj v2.2, Junction v1.06

    WinObj v2.2: This update to WinObj, an Object Manager namespace viewing utility, has several enhancements including column sorting, settings persistence and the ability to follow symbolic links to their target object when you double-click on one. Junction v1.06: Junction, a command-line utility for...