November, 2010

  • Update: Autoruns v10.06

    Autoruns v10.06: This release fixes a bug that could affect delete and disable operations on entries stored as multisz registry values.
  • Updates: Process Explorer v14.01, Autoruns v10.05

    Process Explorer v14.01: This update fixes a bug related to the DLL view and adds a tab to the new system information dialog, Summary, that displays all the performance graphs together. Autoruns v10.05: This Autoruns update adds ActiveSync autostart...
  • Update: Process Explorer v14

    Process Explorer v14: This major update to Process Explorer adds a slew of enhancements and new functionality including network and disk monitoring, an improved multi-tab system information dialog, additional memory statistics, a new column that shows...
  • Mark's presentations from the 2010 Professional Developer's Conference and an interview with Mary-Jo Foley

    Mysteries of Windows Memory Management, Part 1 Mysteries of Windows Memory Management, Part 2 If you want to know the difference between System Committed memory and Process Committed memory, wondered what all those memory numbers shown by Task Manager...
  • Update: VMMap v3.01

    VMMap v3.01: This release fixes a bug that caused tracing to fail on 32-bit Windows and a bug that prevented VMMap from running on 32-bit Windows XP.