Updates: PsTools and SysinternalsSuite

Updates: PsTools and SysinternalsSuite

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The following Sysinternals utilities and files have been updated:

  1. PsTools v.2.42: all PsTools now support the switch '-accepteula' on the command-line in order to avoid breaking non-interactive scenarios (e.g. scripts and other automation)
  2. PsExec v1.73: for Vista the tool now supports the ability to run processes in the Local System account on the interactive desktop with the -s and -I switches.
  3. PsGetSid v1.43: fixes a bug where it wouldn’t correctly process multiple computers
  4. PsService v2.21: adds support for reporting Windows Vista delayed autostart and pre-shutdown notification services
  5. SysinternalsSuite: removed the BlueScreen Screen Saver from the Sysinternals Suite since various 3rd party products mistakenly identify the screen saver as malware. The BlueScreen Screen Saver is still available as a download from its dedicated page here.
  • Ah, so because Microsoft wants everyone to accept the PSTools EULA even though they've been using the tools for years, we now have to change all of our scripts.  Makes sense.

  • Direct links to the updated tools would have been nice ;)

  • Agreed, a link to the new versions would be a nice touch ;)

    None the less, thanks for the new versions!

  • The page of SysinternalsSuite:


  • does pstools support Vista Bus Ed? I download the new Pstools and some fuction does not work at all when using it with Vista Bus Ed. For example when I ran pslsit \\servername it returned the following error message

    "Failed to take process snapshot on dc1.

    Make sure that the Remote Registry service is running on the remote system, that you havefirewall p

    rts allow RPC access, and your account has read access the following key on the remote system:

    HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Perflib

  • Links to the tools would realy be nice. It is a bit not of a good idea to announce something without giving the opertunity to download the updates in an easy way.

  • Good idea (regarding the links). I was a bit rushed getting this posted. I've added links to all the updated tools. Thanks!

  • a very fine example of how again the microsoft corporation is as removed as possible from the end-user's needs as could possibly be.

    did you even waste a single thought on saving initial eula-acceptance in the registry or a local file stored in the same directory so we needn't change all our scripts just because of your paranoia?

  • Yeah - this is really annoying! Lots of techs I know are having to trawl through heaps of scripts and processes just to see if they need to accept the EULA. Why not make us accept the EULA when we download the tools instead of every single time we use them?

    Mark, please fix this...

  • It's annoying that the license prompt is displayed again for each user and machine, but what really bothers me is that I can't find the "Google Search" option in the Process Explorer context menu any more.

    MS Live Search is a waste of my time.

  • This is soo stupid and really doesn't fit the quality of the tools...

  • To avoid EULA (specially when scripting) create for each products the registry key EulaAccepted (type dword) with value 1

    Like this .reg file




    You can use REG.EXE to distribute EulaAccepted for each product & user  

  • How about fixing BgInfo so that it correctly recognizes IE7 ... ?


  • Do you plan on also providing the "-accepteula" switch for "autorunsc.exe"?

  • So it's been a couple months and I would guess that Mark and Bryce will be focused on other areas now that they are part of Microsoft.  BGInfo is a very useful tool but it becoming dated with respect to CPU and OS detection.

    How do we go about requesting fixes/enhancements for these tools now?  Through the forum?

    1.  If Mark and Bryce do not provide updates, will other developers be working on these "free" tools?

    2.  Any plans to add WSH support?

    3.  How about fixes for CPU detection, hyper-threading and core detection?

    4.  Are there any planned updates for BGInfo in the near future?