• Pre-Road Trip in Florida before the big MGX Event


      Hi, I am Fabienne MACH Audience Marketing Manager in the Enterprise Marketing Team since February 2015. 

     My team collaborates strongly with the different business groups as well as the Sales team. Through different “marketing engines” – like for example the Microsoft Vision Days or our Marketing Tele Desk – we enable them to get customers’ recognition & attention as well as selling our outstanding products and solutions.

     As a new hire at Microsoft, you will receive the fantastic opportunity to join the Microsoft Global Exchange taking place annually in the US. An unforgettable experience! You will hear all about it in the next blog Posts :)


    Being part of Microsoft’s MACH community is not only hard work – but also looooooots of fun! Therefore, we’ve decided to fly earlier to the US and do a road trip along Florida’s coast. We all met in Miami and enjoyed the beautiful sandy beach for a couple of days together. Then we rented three cars for our road trip and thought we are ready to start. WELL…. but as we were not careful enough where we’ve parked our car, we soon discovered our car missing :-/ 4 hours and 300 Dollars later our road trip could finally start and we travelled up north. Our first stop was at a beautiful beach villa, where we’ve enjoyed a nice evening with Pizza. The next day started with a nice American breakfast before we headed to the NASA Space Center. We’ve enjoyed a great day discovering the aerospace history and the technological advancements in space.

    Welcome to Orlando!

  • Our G(erman) Force @WPC in the US


    I am Lukas MACH Partner Sales Executive in the Partner Sales Team managing the P-Seller Program.

    We work quite closely together with our best partners within Switzerland supporting them during their cloud transformation.
    We define key activities through the whole fiscal year by the help of joint-Business plans.
    Moreover we support our partners with several "readiness sessions" by ensuring that they are able to pitch and deploy the latest Microsoft solutions.



    I am Gianpaolo MACH Partner Sales Executive in the SAM&C Team.

    Currently our team is facing a transformation. Our historic approach has been to focus primarily
    on ensuring customers are compliant in their licensing.  Going forward we need a deeper focus
    on customer value, cloud adoption,  license optimization and CPE. These changes strengthen
    our approach, maximize synergy with segment sales roles, and accelerate cloud adoption.

    One of my core priorities are to focus on balancing our Partner Landscape  and Partner Activation
    in order to drive further revenue. To develop joint business plannings and to push our
    transformation strategy within our Partners Ecosystem (Cloud and Annuity Business first).



    Our Experience @WPC, Orlando

    As a MACH Partner Sales Executive, we both had to pleasure to attend the World Partner Conference 2015 in Orlando. This conference is held once a year, bringing Partners and Microsofties together.

    Surrounded by several sessions, the Vision Keynotes, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella reaffirmed our bold mission to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.
    COO Kevin Turner outlined a plan of action for reinventing business productivity and owning the cloud.
    Executives from across Microsoft announced investments in technologies, resources, and programs that will make it easier for Partners to execute the cloud transformation.

    Together, we’ve also spent a lot of quality time at the memorable Welcome Reception on top of the Amway Center,at the DACH Party
    in the world biggest Hard Rock Café, at the WPC Party in Disney’s Hollywood Studios and at quite a few joint breakfasts, lunches and dinners.



  • MACH goes Africa

       Hi everybody,

     My name is Eva and I started the
    MACH (Microsoft Academic College Hires) program in October 2014.

     I am responsible for Audience Marketing and Partner development in the Swiss Education Team. As a team we are in charge of driving business (B2B) towards educational institutions in Switzerland (selling to kindergartens, schools, universities,….and the like).

    In April 2015, I was able to participate in a very special volunteering program of Microsoft, referred to as MySkills4Afrika. I spent 2 weeks in Luanda, Angola, where I supported the local Microsoft team in engaging with teachers and students of universities and schools in Luanda. We showed professors and students how to work more productively and interactively using Office 365, Office Mix and Sway

    This has been a truly unique experience for me. I was able to gain a lot of market insights, develop intercultural skills and experience a beautiful country. If you want to know more about my time in Angola, check out the Sway I created.





  • Volunteering "How to build a stone wall?!?"

    This September I had the opportunity of attending the Microsoft MACH Volunteering work in Graubünden. As a city kid, the landscape somehow reminded me of the TV series: Bauer sucht Frau…As a foreigner learning Swiss German, after about 30 minutes of introduction by our instructor, I only managed to understand that our task is to build a stone wall. “A Wall? How hard can it be?” I thought. As soon as I tried to pick up the first stone, I changed my mind completely. Suddenly I felt sympathy for all the workers who build the Pyramids, Chinese Wall or the like… Can you imagine how our arms and legs felt like when we woke up the next morning? This was the moment we realised that we are extremely privileged to have jobs which has nothing to do with stone-carrying activities. Seriously though: The meaning of volunteering is that it brings you together to work towards a same goal. The harder the work is, the better team you will become.

    So I hope next time we will build a pyramid together.

    I mean it.


  • Magico MGX

    Immagina di incontrare ogni giorni per sette giorni di fila nuove persone provienienti da più di 170 paesi con cui condividere esperienze, sfide ed idee in un ambiente innovativo e dinamico che ti spinge a riflettere, imparare, conoscere e conoscerti: questo è MGX – 7 giorni indimenticabili! - Clarissa

  • My first presentation at Microsoft

    Last week (07.05) I had the opportunity of giving my first presentation as a Microsoft Technical Evangelist during the Lehrlingstag in Walliselen. As I joined the company in the beginning of May, some might say that it might have been early, and I guess it was, but, in the end, I really enjoyed this experience and I am going to explain you why in the next few lines.

    All started a few weeks ago, while I was in military, as I received a mail asking me to present Project Spark to some students. Of course, I had no idea what was Project Spark, Who were those students and what was exactly the format of this presentation… Therefore I immediately accepted. I soon discovered that Project Spark was a videogame made to build games, which was really a good news because I like games! The bad news was that the open beta had just started and there was only little information on the internet. I planned to give a general overview of Project Spark, followed by a live demonstration and finally a hands-on-lab to allow the students to play a bit with the game. I realized soon that I would need plenty of time to prepare this as much as I wanted… Thanks god that I was in the army!

    By the time as started at Microsoft I had the overview presentation ready but I still had absolutely no idea on the demo and the lab parts? I met Vera and Anna who explained me more on what was expected. And, this day I learned that “Lehrlings” actually mean apprentice and therefore logically the audience would consist of apprentices. I could then finish the demo part and we discussed some guidelines for the lab part with my colleague Raphael.

    The day of the event, I felt really cool, and then, I followed presentations from the other speakers and they were all great! I must say that raised the pressure a lot and I was not-so-cool when my time to speak came. Fortunately I had the chance of having a public where the listeners were all gamers and in the result were naturally really interested. The presentation went far better than I expected and the students participated actively in the lab. It was really great to see so much creativity and different ideas that might seem completely crazy! For example I was really impressed by a game where a burning man was making ski on huge snow slope and had to avoid enemies. Finally, we selected some of the persons that developed the most interesting games. We asked them to present their games in front of the other students and explain the challenges they faced and the solutions they implemented to solve them. They were of course rewarded with a prize for their effort.

    I was really happy with this experience, I had fun while presenting and animating this lab and I think the participant liked it as well. I could already note a few things that I could improve for the next time. But, in end, this was definitively a great way to start a new job!


  • On-boarding experience: My first month at Microsoft.

    Joining a company with more than 100,000 employees is a lot more complex than it sounds, and the existence of a strong on-boarding process is key to let the new hires perform as fast as possible. My experience as MACH hire has been really positive, and I would like to share with you my first month at Microsoft.

    The on-boarding starts with the New Employee Orientation (NEO) at the first day at Microsoft, in which you meet with the cool HR guys and all the employees also starting with you. I was surprised to be in a room full with new employees and see how the company is growing! During NEO we received details about things to be done from the HR and IT perspective, and we got a new Windows phone and laptop to start with our activities. By the end of the day I would have met part of the team I will be working with, and start finding my way around the office.

    The next day (and during the first 2 weeks) I realized that I was totally lost, with all the meeting rooms and floors looking almost the same thanks to the glass walls of the Swiss office. Fortunately, there is a website for everything at Microsoft! You can even have access to browse maps of the different Microsoft locations and find your way easier. The first week was all about getting understanding of how to find information on the organization, exploring the different resources to obtain it and starting to define your goals and activities. Most of this is guided through the ”Welcome Experience”, a set of courses organized to drive you through your first weeks at Microsoft, explaining you about how things work on the whole organization.

    As part of Microsoft Consulting Services (MCS), the development of professional and technical skills is crucial for performing the best possible in front of the customers, and trainings play an important role the first days. The second week I was already booking my flight to attend TechReady, a technical readiness conference in Seattle where the teams working outside Redmond (The ‘field’ teams) meet with the product teams. Additionally, I started registering for several online trainings and other sessions that would help me to be prepared for the conference.

    Another ingredient needed to be successful inside MCS is to have a great network. This is why during my second and third week at Microsoft I started introducing myself to the other consultants, architects and engagement managers on the team, as well as visiting the “French speaking” office in Geneva.

    The fourth week was all about TechReady in Seattle. Every day was filled with super interesting sessions to learn about the new features coming for the next Microsoft product releases, coming directly from the product teams who are managing the whole development. This was a great experience as I was able to do lots of things on a week. I not only met the Microsoft experts and learn about the products, but also was able to pass my first certification, had the opportunity of meeting colleagues from many other subsidiaries and I was able to meet some MACHs from places like Spain, France, Austria, Brazil, US, Netherlands and Belgium! (Another post will follow describing the adventures of the Swiss MACHs at TechReady).

    And this is how fast time flies at Microsoft. Right now I’m on my sixth week and I would say that I’m still on-boarding. Learning each day more about the organization, developing my network and professional skills as well as getting more responsibilities every day.


    An in case you are not interested in my on-borading experience :)  You can check out some pics of the Swiss Office!




  • Getting hired as a Microsoft MACH

    In my first post I want to share with you my experience during the hiring process for a MACH position at Microsoft Switzerland.

    After studying and working in Asia for the past two year, I decided to return to Europe and work in sales for a global corporation in the tech/software industry. One of the companies on my list was Microsoft, since I liked the MACH program and the challenging transition the company is going through.

    With a little research I found an excellent position in the Swiss subsidiary as a Partner Sales Executive for Value Added Reseller (VARs). I applied through the company website and was contacted shortly thereafter by the HR to schedule a phone (Lync) interview.

    The interview lasted for one hour, conducted with an HR consultant and my future division manager. The conversation included straight forward behavioral questions, questions regarding Microsoft`s cloud offerings and how I would sell Office 365 to reluctant prospects. I deliberately say “conversation” as much time was left to my answer any of my questions.

    Shortly after my interview I got invited to a second round interview at the office in Wallisellen. Here I was interviewed by the HR manager, the VAR team lead and another division manager who focused on behavioral patterns, case questions and personality.

    All in all the entire process took 1 month from handing in my application to receiving my offer. From what I have experienced with other companies, this was by far the quickest process and the HR was super responsive to any inquiries.

    In the end there was one factor that made Microsoft standout in particular to me. During my interviews I could sense that the company has a strong sense of collaboration, a culture based on team spirit and trust. Oh and did I mention the office … its awesome!

    To round this post off, I would like to give some personal advice to any applicant: First, read and know as much as you can about the products you will be working with. Second, think about yourself and how you could make a valuable contribution to the specific team. Last and most important, ask ask and ask again. Preparing good questions is key to being able to challenge your interviewer and turn it into a high quality conversation.

    In my next post I will be sharing some of my experiences I made during my first weeks as Partner Sales Executive (PSE). Feel free to reach out to me via LinkedIn or Xing should you have any questions regarding the process or my role! I am happy to give advice!


    Picture of the Swiss art in the Microsoft Office


    Entrance to the Microsoft office

  • Public Sector Practice Day

    The Microsoft Practice Day is one of the most established IT happenings for Public Sector in Switzerland. This year, the event took place at the "Stade de Suisse" at Berne, which is Switzerland's second largest soccer stadium. More than 200 customers from Federal Government, cantons and municipalities, as well as educational establishments and state-owned enterprises took the opportunity to meet Microsoft and its Partners. The core topics included - among others - flexible workplace, social networking, and the use of tablets and smartphones at work. But as you may already have guessed by the event's name, the information provided did not remain at the theory. Instead, some customers and partners jointly presented their latest solutions implemented and how these facilitate their daily business.

    During the breaks the attendees could refresh themselves with food and drink. Furthermore, they had the chance to stroll along the various stands of our Partners and Microsoft itself to learn more on specific topics of interest or simply ask questions. At the stand of Microsoft, together with a colleague, I introduced the visitors to our CityNext initiative and gave them an impression on the vast opportunities new technology offers their business. Probably due to the informal setting, we had many interesting discussions which last but not least provided me much deeper insight into our customer’s business and their current needs.

    By the end of the day, our guests left inspired and full of new and creative ideas :)


    Location: Stade de Suisse @ Berne

    The Microsoft stand...


    ... with the CityNext corner

    The break area

  • MACH Skill-Up Event - Dublin

    We, the Swiss MACHs had a chance to meet other MACHs from all around the world! The whole event was just mind blowing! We got a lot of trainings around various topics. But the even better part was to meet and connect with people and making new friends!

    Here some impressive numbers:
    ~30 countries
    ~180 MACHs
    ~3 days

    And because pictures shows more than a thousand words here some impressions!


    (We :-))

    (Swiss MACHs)

    (Visiting Town)


    (We love)

  • We are growing!

    It’s not long a time ago the new year started and the MACH Community already started growing again! Please welcome Quintus Dienst and Sergio Almaguer.

    I am sure they will soon provide you with some more background about them and their start at Microsoft Switzerland.

  • Silvester in Wien mit Abstecher ins Office

    Das MACH Programm hat auch andere tolle Vorteile! Dieses Mal konnte ich Freunde in Wien besuchen. Wir hatten einen tollen Silvesterabend! Am 2. Jänner (Januar) habe ich noch einen Office Tag in Wien angehängt, um das Office zu besichtigen und andere MACHs kennen zu lernen. Und ganz ehrlich ich bin schon etwas neidisch auf deren schönes Office!

    Als nächstes kommt bei mir das Skill-Up Training in Dublin. Danach wird es einen ausführlichen Bericht dazu geben.

  • Industry Solutions University For You (ISU4U)

    Dear community,

    The "Industry Solutions University For You" (ISU4U) is an industry readiness program that provides targeted industry training for Microsoft's sales people. I started the MACH program around a year ago working as an Inside Sales for Government customers. Therefore, I was given the opportunity to attend the 2-day ISU4U conference for Public Sector in November.

    The event was held in Amsterdam and I participated together with a colleague from my team. As the program of the first day did not start before 9.30am, we decided to catch an early flight and thus arrived at Amsterdam around 9.00am. Both, our hotel and the event location were situated only a stone's throw away from the airport. Unlike me, my team colleague knew the airport and its surroundings like the back of her hand. For this reason we had more than enough time to deposit our luggage at the hotel and get a first glimpse of our hotel rooms before registering ourselves at the event location. There was even enough time to grab a coffee before the first session started ;)

    Although it was not my first international training event with Microsoft, I was once more overwhelmed by the size of our company. There were about 200 sales people from various Western Europe subsidiaries as well as partner organizations! During the first day we learnt a lot about Microsoft’s strategic initiatives concerning Public Sector and how our solutions add value to our customers. At the same time, there were numerous opportunities to become acquainted with the other participants and exchange experiences from our daily work. In the evening, I joined a group of people for dinner at the city. In fact, the group became so large that somebody hired a bus to get us there :)

    The second day was dedicated to theme-specific workshops every participant could choose according to his needs. As Public Sector customers are very heterogeneous, different streams covering Government, Public Safety & National Security, Health, and Education were offered. It was fascinating to hear so much about the latest activities and projects that were taking place all over Western Europe. Therefore, by the time I boarded the plane back home I had not only become friends with a lot of like-minded people, but also gathered many new ideas to share with my team!

  • 4 Wochen Bootcamp in Amsterdam

    Hallo liebe Leser!

    So nun da endlich unser Blog steht möchte ich hier gleich einen Beitrag zu meinem ersten internationalen MACH treffen schreiben, welches diesen Oktober in Amsterdam stattfand.

    Meine Freunde dachten ich mache gerade bezahlten Urlaub in Amsterdam, doch hier möchte ich euch mal erläutern was in Wirklichkeit in diesen 4 intensiven Wochen geschehen ist.

    Die Erwartungen an uns wurden direkt zu Beginn hoch angesetzt. In 4 Wochen 5 Zertifikate zu erreichen war die Devise. Natürlich wäre es viel zu einfach gewesen uns einfach nur diesen fünf Zertifikaten zu widmen. So erhielten wir zusätzliche Trainings zu Themen wie Microsoft Solutions, hier ging es darum einen Überblick über alle oder zumindest alle mir bekannten und unbekannten Produkten und deren Zusammenspiel, zu erhalten.

    Andererseits durften wir einen Personal Development Scan und ein Training zu Personal Branding wie auch Leadership absolvieren. Ja richtig gehört Personal Branding, eigentlich hatte das Training einen anderen Titel doch dieser hätte viel besser gepasst. In einer Aufgabe die mir speziell in Erinnerung geblieben ist ging es darum sich innerhalb einer einzigen Liftfahrt vom Erdgeschoss ins oberste Geschoss des Donald Trump Towers sich niemandem geringerem als Donald Trump persönlich so zu verkaufen, das dieser einen zurückrufen würde.

    Nach der ersten intensiven Woche ging es dann an unsere Zertifikate. Eigentlich hiess es nun 4 Zertifikate in 3 Wochen.. Ja genau während diesen interessanten Trainings der ersten Woche haben wir uns noch 2 Tage unserem Prince 2 Zertifikat gewidmet, welches übrigens alle bestanden haben.

    Somit gab es in den kommenden 3 Wochen viele geführte Lektionen und viel Selbststudium. Am Ende dieser Wochen hatten wir alle nicht nur unsere 5 Zertifikate erreicht, sondern bei weitem die Erwartungen übertroffen. Und ich bin auf gutem Weg meinen MCSA abzuschliessen.
    Well Done MACHs! :-)

    Zu guter Schluss haben wir natürlich auch gefeiert! :-) °Auch dafür sind wir bekannt :-)° Als nächstes steht Dublin auf unserer Agenda und ich kann es kaum erwarten meine neuen Freunde, nein nicht Arbeitskollegen, sondern Freunde wieder zu treffen!

    Hier noch einige Fotos

    Ich vor dem Microsoft Amsterdam Office


    Unser Meetingraum


    Unser Training Center




    Natürlich durften wir jeden Mittag die Holländische Spezialität (Sandwiches) geniessen.


    City Tour


    Eines unserer vielen genialen Nachtessen


    BoomChicago mit Miguel (Isreal) on stage! :-)


    Eines der besten Restaurants in Amsterdam (Trouw)


    Champions League durfte natürlich nicht verpassten werden. (AC Milan - Ajax Amsterdam)


    Goodbye and see you soon!

  • Wir starten unseren Blog


    Hello World, wie könnte man einen ersten Blog Eintrag besser beginnen. Wir möchten mit diesem Blog unsere persönlichen Erfahrungen, unsere Erlebnisse und einfach unsere Gedanken zum Thema Microsoft Academy For College Hires (MACH) in der Schweiz teilen.