Support Tip: Many new revisions of updates may be downloaded by the WSUS server

Support Tip: Many new revisions of updates may be downloaded by the WSUS server

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InfoButtonUPDATE – 12/4/2012: The System Center Configuration Manger team has released a hotfix ( to address the re-downloading and redistributing issues described by this post.  To minimize further impact, it is strongly suggested that all Configuration Manager 2007 admins install the hotfix immediately to all Configuration Manager 2007 primary and secondary site servers. 


Microsoft released an update for Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) 3.0 Service Pack 2 (SP2) on Tuesday the 10th of October 2012. This update will allow servicing of Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 which require more secure signatures. Due to this change, new revisions to affected updates with more secure signatures may be synchronized by a WSUS server. You will need to apply KB2734608 to get these new revisions to function on Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012.  If you have not already synchronized the new revisions, application of KB2734608 will force the synchronization on the next WSUS sync with Microsoft Update.

This change may require a WSUS or ConfigMgr admin to re-download a significant number of updates to Configuration Manager which were previously downloaded to Deployment Packages. The update will reset the deployment download status to NO and may remove them from Deployment Packages. Deployments of affected packages will not function until the updates are re-downloaded. This change will not affect the update functionality and will not cause client PCs to re-download or reinstall updates that have already been installed.

WSUS Sync and the Sync between WSUS and Configuration Manager are not affected. Additionally, depending on the size of the hierarchy in your environment, the re-download of deployments may generate temporary network load.

For more information please see the MSRC blog (

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  • A communication before updates revision would be a good idea.....a post after updates revision is not very usefull...

  • This would explain why my friggn WAN is completely bogged down and crippled because of 36GB worth of stupid updates.  Thanks alot Microsoft for screwing all the Network Admins in the world due to your incredible stupidity.  Did it not occurr to them how this would effect everyones network.  F them.

  • "...the re-download of deployments may generate temporary network load."

    Is it the client systems that are re-downloading patches which would be causing network load or is the re-download happening only on SCCM Update sync point?

  • Does this only affect Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 updates?

  • The re-download is between SCCM/WSUS and WU/MU. Notice that the re-download refers to revised updates.

    This affects updates to all Clients (not only Win8 and WS 2012)

  • Tuesday was the 9th of October, as listed in other articles as well. Perhaps you want to correct that typo above.



  • Perhaps releaing this under a new bulletin/patch.  Would have been better communication and less impact to your client base.

  • This sole post is the best that WSUS Product Team can do to inform customers of this critical functionality update?  Absolutely shocking.

    And are the WSUS Product Team and System Center teams having some kind of spat?  Why is there absolutely no mention of this update in an SCCM posts relating to the compatibility update for Windows 8 and Server 2012 (KB2750782).  Why does it take problems, subsequent forums posts and support calls to ascertain this information?

    Really badly done Microsoft.

  • thank you microsoft, for wasting my life on your shortcomings.

  • Concur with with you all. MS this is not the place for such an important information