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    To reuse script samples on the Internet, the following steps seem quite familiar to IT Pros: wandering through different script galleries, forums and blogs, switching back and forth between webpages and scripting environment, and countless download, copy and paste operations. But all of these will drive...
  • Blog Post: Windows PowerShell remoting and delegating user credentials

    Hey all Rob Greene here again. Yeah, I know, it’s been a while since I’ve written anything for you good people of the Internet. I recently had an interesting issue with the Active Directory Web Services and the Active Directory Windows more
  • Blog Post: Monthly Mail Sack: Yes, I Finally Admit It Edition

    Heya folks, Ned here again. Rather than continue the lie that this series comes out every Friday like it once did, I am taking the corporate approach and rebranding the mail sack. Maybe we’ll have the occasional Collector’s Edition versions. This week more
  • Blog Post: From our PowerShell folks – Windows PowerShell Web Access

    Hello AskPerf!  Not sure if you’ve heard about this new feature with Windows 8 Server beta or not, but you can now manage your machines via Windows PowerShell in a web browser.  This means, you can use Windows PowerShell from a large variety of devices such as mobile phones, tables, and computers...
  • Blog Post: Windows Server 2012 Shell game

    Here's the scenario, you just downloaded the RTM ISO for Windows Server 2012 using your handy, dandy, "wondermus" Microsoft TechNet subscription . Using Hyper-V, you create a new virtual machine, mount the ISO and breeze through the setup screen until more