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  • Blog Post: Keeping Azure PowerShell Current

    I have been supporting Azure for 7 years now and one of the constants is the rapid pace of change of the services offered. This means that not only do you have to continually stay abreast of the most recent changes, but you also have to make sure that more
  • Blog Post: How to Copy files to/from Azure Storage

    If you are looking for a reliable way to copy files to or from Azure storage then this blog post might just have the right answer. Note: In this post I am not writing anything new but merely pointing to posts or tools that already exists. Copying more
  • Blog Post: Learning Azure Service Management REST API through Powershell, and Azure CLI tools

    Azure Service Management REST API is used by all the public tools provided by Microsoft to manage your Azure Subscription – Portal, New Portal, Powershell, X-Plat CLI. You can use the same APIs to build your own tools that would manage your Azure Subscription more
  • Blog Post: Introducing Script Browser - A world of scripts at your fingertips

    To reuse script samples on the Internet, the following steps seem quite familiar to IT Pros: wandering through different script galleries, forums and blogs, switching back and forth between webpages and scripting environment, and countless download, copy and paste operations. But all of these will drive...
  • Blog Post: Windows PowerShell remoting and delegating user credentials

    Hey all Rob Greene here again. Yeah, I know, it’s been a while since I’ve written anything for you good people of the Internet. I recently had an interesting issue with the Active Directory Web Services and the Active Directory Windows more
  • Blog Post: Monthly Mail Sack: Yes, I Finally Admit It Edition

    Heya folks, Ned here again. Rather than continue the lie that this series comes out every Friday like it once did, I am taking the corporate approach and rebranding the mail sack. Maybe we’ll have the occasional Collector’s Edition versions. This week more
  • Blog Post: From our PowerShell folks – Windows PowerShell Web Access

    Hello AskPerf!  Not sure if you’ve heard about this new feature with Windows 8 Server beta or not, but you can now manage your machines via Windows PowerShell in a web browser.  This means, you can use Windows PowerShell from a large variety of devices such as mobile phones, tables, and computers...
  • Blog Post: Windows Server 2012 Shell game

    Here's the scenario, you just downloaded the RTM ISO for Windows Server 2012 using your handy, dandy, "wondermus" Microsoft TechNet subscription . Using Hyper-V, you create a new virtual machine, mount the ISO and breeze through the setup screen until more