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    Hello again ADAMSyncers! Kim Nichols here again with what promises to be a fun and exciting mystery solving adventure on the joys of ADAMSync and AD Recycle Bin (ADRB) for AD LDS. The goal of this post is two-fold: Explain AD Recycle Bin for AD more
  • Blog Post: Circle Back to Loopback

    Hello again! Kim Nichols here again. For this post, I'm taking a break from the AD LDS discussions (hold your applause until the end) and going back to a topic near and dear to my heart - Group Policy loopback processing. Loopback processing is not more
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    Welcome back! Kim Nichols here once again with the much anticipated Part 2 to Circle Back to Loopback . Thanks for all the comments and feedback on Part 1. For those of you joining us a little late in the game, you'll want to check out Part 1: Circle more
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    Hi Everyone, Kim Nichols here again, and this time I have an introduction to ADAMSync. I take a lot of cases on ADAM and AD LDS and have seen a number of problems arise from less than optimally configured ADAMSync XML files. There are many sources of more
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    Hello, Kim here again. We get many questions about what to expect when interviewing at Microsoft. I’m coming up on my two year anniversary at Microsoft and I thought I would share my experience in the hope that it might help you if you are interested more