We have situations where we need to reset the policy and the  policy spy which we use does not work or would not prefer to copy the tool.

This is a vbscript which we can use. Found it helpful when you want to request a full policy compared to delta policy which usually is
triggered always (except for the first). 


'Save this as .VBS file and use Run as Administrator

'Set oParams.uFlags = 0 for making the next policy request will be for a full policy instead of the change in policy since the last policy request.

'Set oParams.uFlags = 1 The existing policy will be purged completely.

'Author: Sudheeesh N


set oCCMNamespace = GetObject("winmgmts:root\ccm")

Set oInstance = oCCMNamespace.Get("SMS_Client")

set oParams =

oParams.uFlags = 0

oCCMNamespace.ExecMethod "SMS_Client",
"ResetPolicy", oParams



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