Microsoft Student

  • Meet Student Developer Nishita


    Could you tell us about your experience with Windows Phone and Windows 8 and developing for them?

    It has been a great experience for me with Windows Phone as well as Windows 8. I started developing from nothing and today I am here with nineteen successful apps in the Windows Phone Store and one app in the Windows App Store. The thing which made me stick with the development is Windows Phone SDK and Windows 8 SDK. For a developer an SDK is a blessing. With easy to use SDK and Visual Studio students can bring their innovative app ideas to life and can reach out to the world.

  • Meet Student Developer, Moalla

    Meet student developer Moalla Ilani from Lebanon. His app, Lebanese Table, helps users find recipes for all the most popular Lebanese dishes.  We asked about his experience developing this and many other apps for Windows and Windows Phone, and here's what he shared with us:

  • Meet Student Developer Aleksei

    Aleksei Grebenshchikov

    Meet student developer Aleksei. His award winning app, City Transport, currently supports over 50 cities in Australia, United States, Canada, New Zealand, and Europe.

  • Meet Student Developer Niwin

    What inspired you to start developing?

    Ever since I started to learn coding at age 13, I have been passionate about software development. When I started college, the world was moving towards mobile computing. The power of smartphones has become unimaginable. I developed an interest towards mobile app development, but I didn't know where to start and how to start. Last year, by entering Microsoft Student Partners program, I got my chance to develop apps for Windows Phone. Microsoft provides developers with extraordinary support and all the necessary tools need to develop apps. I started with no knowledge, now I have a Windows Phone app with over a million worldwide downloads in the Windows Phone Marketplace.

  • Meet Student Developer, Roger

    Meet student developer Roger Landolt from Switzerland. His App TVerie helps users to remember their TV-Shows whereas KreuzworträtselHelfer helps to solve German crosswords. We asked about his experience developing apps for Windows Phone, here's what he told us:

    Student Developer, Roger