Microsoft Student

  • Meet Student Developer Aleksei

    Aleksei Grebenshchikov

    Meet student developer Aleksei. His award winning app, City Transport, currently supports over 50 cities in Australia, United States, Canada, New Zealand, and Europe.

  • Meet Student Developer Shehroz

    Meet Shehroz, he is a student developer whose nine published Windows Phone apps have received 11,000 paid downloads around the world. You can find his published apps here. We asked Shehroz about his experience developing for Windows Phone, here’s what he told us:

  • Meet Student Developer Ashwin

    What inspired you to start developing? What age were you when you started?

    I was always fascinated by computers. Unfortunately I couldn’t have one until I was in college. The thing about computer that amazes me a lot is its limitless possibilities. You can do a lot in a computer, you can make a computer do a lot. The power it gives you is fascinating. It also gives the freedom to be creative, creative in UI, in code, in software, everything. Why I started developing? Because it amazed me, at first I couldn’t just figure it out, but I was fascinated with programming, code and neat designs. It is not easy, it is challenging and that’s what keeps you going. I started just few years back and have come a long way. I think it has been just 3 years of coding, I wish I had started earlier.

  • Meet Student Developer Vaggelis

    Please tell us about your experience with Windows 8 and developing a Windows Store app.

    My first glimpse in the world of applications was back in November 2012. Till then, I was only studying the design and content of the applications. Having acquired the knowledge needed to develop an application for Windows 8, I started implementing my first idea. At its early stage, the development of an application requires a lot of research on the internet web and at Microsoft’s samples. In regards to the application submission to the Windows Store, it is a rather strict process, without any particular difficulties. Following the steps provided from the guide, you won’t face any problems during the procedure. At this point, I have to mention the important help provided from the Windows App Certification Kit. It’s an extremely useful tool that every Windows 8 developer must utilize to test his/her app, before submitting to the Store.

  • Meet Student Developer Pujith

    How did you get into the MSP program?

    Well that’s quite a story. I was the kind of kid who never believed in miracles but now I do. When I dig into the memories of the selection procedure it feels nothing less than a miracle, as if entire universe was conspiring to make me an MSP. It all started with a video shared by my friend on Facebook which was titled Microsoft Student Partners.