Microsoft Student

  • Meet Student Developer Nishita


    Could you tell us about your experience with Windows Phone and Windows 8 and developing for them?

    It has been a great experience for me with Windows Phone as well as Windows 8. I started developing from nothing and today I am here with nineteen successful apps in the Windows Phone Store and one app in the Windows App Store. The thing which made me stick with the development is Windows Phone SDK and Windows 8 SDK. For a developer an SDK is a blessing. With easy to use SDK and Visual Studio students can bring their innovative app ideas to life and can reach out to the world.

  • Meet Student Developer Shehroz

    Meet Shehroz, he is a student developer whose nine published Windows Phone apps have received 11,000 paid downloads around the world. You can find his published apps here. We asked Shehroz about his experience developing for Windows Phone, here’s what he told us:

  • Meet Student Developer, Padmanaban!

    Tell us about your experience with Windows Phone.

    PadmanabanWindows Phone App Development is Awesome!!! The SDK is very simple and useful for developers and especially for student developers to develop apps easily. To be frank, I was not getting high grades in college, but I love technology and always wanted to achieve something. Microsoft India’s “I unlock joy” competition just gave me the right opportunity for starting up my app development. I collected all the resources needed and started developing apps, and within a month I ended up having 5 apps in the Marketplace. App development gave a great confidence in me!!! Now I’m focused on developing quality apps for Windows 8.

  • Meet Student Developer, Aditya Kumar

    Tell us a little about your experience with Windows Phone.

    Building apps for Windows Phone is fun. The SDK makes it simple for the developers, especially the student developers; its powerful and easy interface makes it the best among others.

    Tell us about the apps that you have built.pic1

    I currently have two apps in the Marketplace, namely, Rapid Reflex and taxilocator. Rapid Reflex is a simple two player game, designed keeping in view the likes of students and office goers to refresh them during the breaks and cause an adrenaline rush. On the other hand, taxilocator is designed keeping in view the interests of tourists. This app lets you call the cab instantly from your Windows Phone; you also have an option to check the route, the time it will take you to reach your destination. I’m also working on 3 apps at present and will be launching it in the Marketplace soon.

  • Meet Student Developer Vishnu Sankar

    Vishnu Sankar

    Could you tell us a bit about your experience with Windows 8 and developing for Windows 8?

    My experience with Windows 8 has been amazing! Ever since I started using the Developer’s Preview I fell in love with it. I started developing from void and today here I’m with three successful app at windows store. One thing making me stick with the store is the Windows SDK. For a developer an SDK means the blessing from heaven. It helps a developer to develop anything he wants, yet it leaves a challenge for him to take his best out to face the ambiguous troubles. And I feel like exposure to these kind of troubles make us even stronger.