Games can be a great way to learn about the environment. Here are some of the finalists from the 2012 Imagine Cup, game design for Xbox/Windows. If you have an idea for a great app or game check out the Getting Started Guide and learn how to develop apps for Windows 8. Perhaps your project could be a finalist in next year’s Imagine Cup.


Verdant Fantasy

Team Verdant Fantasy from Thailand won the 2012 Imagine Cup game design competition. Verdant Fantasy is an Xbox/Windows game design. The game is designed to raise awareness about deforestation. Players work with forest animals to rid the forest of evil robots.



Players act as Robert the squirrel and clean up the environment using sustainable and renewable resources.


Swifty Ball

This game from Team Swifteam from France challenges players to move waste to a recycling plant, getting around obstacles and winning points along the way.


Red Phoenix

Clean World was designed by a team from Portugal. In it, the player cleans up trash left by people, acting as a robot.


Bloom Block

Bloom Block is a game developed by Team Blossom from Japan, in which players can explore the 3D world and gain appreciation for the environment.