Kiran BalijepalliToday's post is written by Kiran Balijepalli, a Microsoft Technical Evangelist for Windows Phone. He has more than 16 years of global technology leadership experience in desktop, web, cloud and mobile platforms. You can find all of Kiran's Microsoft Student blogs here, and he can be found on Twitter as @KiranKBee.



In the previous blog post we created “Windows phone XAML C1.SLN”. To begin, open this solution from Visual Studio.

In the solution explorer on the right side double click on “WMAppManifest.XML” on the left side window click on the capabilities tab on top.

Design Style Programming

This will open the manifest file in designer. You use this tool to define the capabilities that you want to provide in your app.

Quality Tip: the combination of software and functional capabilities that you chose, as well as the hardware requirements of a device directly affect the user.

A judicious combination of the above 3 components of your app design is very important to provide an immersive app experience to your user. Functional capability is an optional entry in the manifest file. Hardware capabilities are similar. Explore the above links to learn more about the combination of capabilities and how to enhance capabilities.

In the next blog, we will discuss more about the application UI tab and multi-resolution apps.