March, 2013

  • Learning to Build Windows Phone Apps Step by Step

    This week we’re happy to welcome Kiran Balijepalli, a Microsoft Technical Evangelist, as a contributor to the Microsoft Student TechNet blog. Kiran is a passionate technology professional who comes with more than 16 years of global technology leadership experience in desktop, web, cloud and mobile platforms. He has hands on experience in supply chain, manufacturing, ERP domain based product leadership and application architecture design. As part of his role at Microsoft, Kiran drives Windows Phone adoption, app development, deployment and app quality enablement strategy for Windows Phone to worldwide academic audiences.

    Kiran Balijepalli

  • Windows 8 – Tips & Resources

    Windows 8

    This week we shared resources and tips for developing Windows 8 apps. Here is a collection of the resources and links we shared to help you build your developer skills. We hosted a Twitter chat with Microsoft Developer and Tech Evangelists, shared advice from a student developer and more. We’ve included the full list of resources below for your reference. If you have additional questions about developing apps for Windows 8, please leave us a comment or contact us on Facebook or on Twitter at @MS_Student.

  • Lionel’s 5 Tips for Developing Windows 8 Apps

    Lionel Camacho is a student developer from the University of Pretoria in South Africa. In January he told us how he got interested in developing. For Windows 8 app development week we asked Lionel how he learned to develop on Windows 8 and to share his tips for other students hoping to learn.

    Lionel Camacho

  • Conceptualizing and Planning Your App

    KiranBalijepalliToday's post is written by Kiran Balijepalli, a Microsoft Technical Evangelist for Windows Phone. He has more than 16 years of global technology leadership experience in desktop, web, cloud and mobile platforms. You can find all of Kiran's Microsoft Student blogs here, and he can be found on Twitter as @KiranKBee.

    In Monday’s post I walked you through the basics of learning to build apps using the Windows Phone Getting Started Guide. In today’s post I am going to highlight the top focus points to keep in mind before you start designing your app. Sometimes it is quite possible that your previous approaches to writing and publishing a Windows Phone app to the Windows Phone Store haven’t quite resulted in what you anticipated. In most cases it is always good to start with a fresh mind and attitude, call it a “Do-Over.”

    Your app is your mark! It should be intuitive, highly functional and present a rich visual experience to your user. Always do thorough research of your Idea before you start working on it. Here’s a step by step guide for starting to build your app.

  • In Case You Missed It – Windows 8 App Development Chat with Microsoft Developer & Tech Evangelists


    Yesterday, we hosted a chat on Twitter featuring Windows 8 developer evangelists Andrew Parsons and Dion Hutchings along with Windows Phone tech evangelist Kiran Balijepalli. Thanks for participating and asking questions about developing Windows Store apps with Windows 8. Be sure to go through the conversation that we have recapped below and don’t forget to check out the Windows 8 Getting Started Guide and start developing apps today!