Meet Former MSP and Current Microsoft Employee Marko Sever

Meet Former MSP and Current Microsoft Employee Marko Sever

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Where is your Microsoft office located?  Marko Sever

Microsoft Croatia has an office in the city of Zagreb, capital city of Croatia. You can find out a lot about Zagreb, and Croatia, on Wikipedia.

How long have you been at Microsoft?

It will be four years in February. Started as Academic Developer Evangelist and now I took the role of Audience Marketing Manager in Microsoft Croatia D&PE group.

What other jobs/internships did you have prior to working at Microsoft?

I worked on different part-time jobs during my studies, from McDonald’s, through grocery store(s) and also administrative help in the student office of my school. I have been president of a student NGO in my school and worked on a set of different projects as student, very keen to create better programs and projects for other students on my department and my University.

How did you land your job at Microsoft?

I was a Microsoft Student Partner for the last year and a half of my time at University of Zagreb. During that period of time I was involved in organizing Microsoft events on campus, learning new technologies, connecting with other MSPs, Microsoft office, MVPs and different professional from Microsoft ecosystem in Croatia. During that time I saw all the possibilities that working with Microsoft can offer. Coincidently while I was working on my diploma thesis I got information from my local Microsoft office that it is opening position for Academic Developer Evangelist. I applied and went on different interviews and at the end landed a job with Microsoft Croatia.

Marko SeverHow would you describe your job at Microsoft?

Now I am Audience Marketing Manager in Developer and Platform Evangelist Group. My job is doing all the breadth marketing activities in Croatia. To be blunt, my job is technical marketing for Microsoft platform, products and services primarily for three groups, Developers, IT Pros and Academia in Croatia. I organize different events, primarily technical; work closely with MVPs, user group leaders and IT influencers to promote Microsoft technology. I work with MSPs to organize all activities for student population in Croatia. Also I coordinate all online activities for mentioned groups of people in Croatia. One of my proudest realizations is portal that has been created by MSPs and is run by MSPs, for all the students in Croatia, with great information about Microsoft technologies, services and programs. Also I am in charge for BizSpark program in Croatia.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I love working with young people, especially with students. Their enthusiasm is just mind blowing and their energy is just something what you want. Also, all the different people that I meet is something which is appealing part of my work. I love the ability to influence and change people’s life with the work that I do. Creating new possibilities, ideas and enabling people to reach their full potential is something why I go with a smile on my face to work, and off.

What piece of advice would you give a student hoping to pursue a career at Microsoft?

I would suggest everybody to be passionate for the goal they seek. If they love technology and would love to work in company that gives them opportunity to grow, develop and learn, Microsoft is definitely your choice. Always be focused with a goal that you want to achieve. Everything is possible. There is saying, which I love to share, people do not graduate if they are only smart, people graduate because they do not give up (it sounds better in Croatian). And this is for all parts of your life. Just be focused and do not give up.

Marko Sever

What are the most important skills to learn before applying to Microsoft? What types of classes, clubs and extracurricular activities should students complete  to best position themselves for a career at a company like Microsoft?

The best thing you can do is work on projects that are not part of the obligation you need to do for your diploma. Being part of any NGO is something that can give you all different skills that any company is looking for, from working in teams, working on real projects and having a sense of budget for a specific activity is definitive skills that can help out for any job you want to get, especially in Microsoft. You can always find different on campus programs and activities where you can join, just you need to figure out what is your passion, and just pursue that. Find that, and make it your specialty and you will get your dream job.

  • <p>I just love the fact how big the step you took! From McDonald’s to Microsoft &lt;3</p> <p>Wish me luck :)</p>

  • <p>i wld prefer to c my story on this page one day ,,:)</p> <p>hav been selected as msp for this academic yr:)</p> <p>wish me luck:)</p> <p>Tx MS</p>

  • <p>This is a man who has scrambled to perfection MSP Croatia</p>

  • <p>Just go through with your ideas, be focused, patient and have a goal you want to achieve. And usually life brings some ideas in the melting pot that you haven’t think of. And at the end you do what you love. :)</p> <p>I wish you all luck! :)</p>

  • <p>Forgot to login. ;)</p>

  • <p>i only know basic C++ ..can i do sumthing </p>

  • <p>That is just a good start. My first suggestion would be for you to visit and just start from there. :)</p>

  • <p>Sir, what do you need i.e MTA programs / MSP programs /MCP programs &nbsp;to be better certified in the MCTS?</p>

  • <p>I love how MS showcases stories like this... no fairy-tale stories. just real ones and really inspiring. Great job @Marko.... you have done nice things with your life... lets see what I do with mine... :)</p>

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