December, 2012

  • Meet Student Developer, Padmanaban!

    Tell us about your experience with Windows Phone.

    PadmanabanWindows Phone App Development is Awesome!!! The SDK is very simple and useful for developers and especially for student developers to develop apps easily. To be frank, I was not getting high grades in college, but I love technology and always wanted to achieve something. Microsoft India’s “I unlock joy” competition just gave me the right opportunity for starting up my app development. I collected all the resources needed and started developing apps, and within a month I ended up having 5 apps in the Marketplace. App development gave a great confidence in me!!! Now I’m focused on developing quality apps for Windows 8.

  • Meet Former MSP and Current Microsoft Employee Marko Sever

    Where is your Microsoft office located? Marko Sever

    Microsoft Croatia has an office in the city of Zagreb, capital city of Croatia. You can find out a lot about Zagreb, and Croatia, on Wikipedia.

    How long have you been at Microsoft?

    It will be four years in February. Started as Academic Developer Evangelist and now I took the role of Audience Marketing Manager in Microsoft Croatia D&PE group.

    What other jobs/internships did you have prior to working at Microsoft?

    I worked on different part-time jobs during my studies, from McDonald’s, through grocery store(s) and also administrative help in the student office of my school. I have been president of a student NGO in my school and worked on a set of different projects as student, very keen to create better programs and projects for other students on my department and my University.

  • In Case You Missed the Career Week Twitter Chat – Here is a Recap

    Career Week Chat.jpg

    The Career Week Twitter Chat was well received, thank you to those of you who asked questions of intern Vlad Zaharia, Microsoft Developer Evangelist Patric Boscolo and Israel Arribas. For those of you who missed the chat, we’ve highlighted the top career Q&A below and included resources. If you have any more questions there a couple of different avenues you can take in order to get an answer:

  • Meet Microsoft Developer Quinn Damerell

    Quinn Damerell 2

    Quinn Damerell is former Windows Phone intern who is now a software development engineer for Microsoft. He is also the developer of the popular Windows Phone app, Baconit. Learn more about Quinn's apps in his previous guest blog post about developing for Windows Phone.  We asked Quinn to share a bit about his experience and advice he has for current students who are starting their careers. 

    Where is your Microsoft office located?

    My office is located at the Redmond campus in Studio F, very close to the Microsoft Commons. 

    How long have you been at Microsoft?

    About four months now.

  • 5 Simple Ways To Stand Out And Why They’ll Help You Land Your Dream Job


    Today we feature a guest post from Microsoft university recruiter Anthony Rotoli in which he offers his advice for students looking to stand out as they look for internships and jobs. Share with us what you're doing to prepare for your career and stand out as a student in the comments. 

    As a recruiter, when I head to a career fair, I shake hundreds of hands, each equipped with a clean, crisp resume ready for my review in a few short hours. Later, as I dig through the stack of bright, talented, ambitious individuals, I’m on the hunt for the stand outs; these are the ones who go above and beyond to make the most of their college years, preparing for the road ahead.