If you missed the Windows Store app development themed week highlighted on the Microsoft Student Experience Facebook Page and @MS_Student Twitter handle – have no fear! Don’t forget to check out the Facebook Chat about Windows Store app development on this blog post with Microsoft Developer Evangelist, Jeremy Foster.  We’ve included links to all of all resources we shared last week so you have everything in one place.


· What is a Windows Store app? They're fast, fluid and perfect for touch. Uniquely, they appear as a tile on the Windows Start screen. Tap to open a Windows app and the content fills the entire computer screen. Content is the focus, while User Interface controls and distractions are minimized. Learn more and understand the cool elements here: http://bit.ly/RXdu9q.

· Start learning about developing for Windows 8 with the Getting Started Guide. The Guide is outlined in 3 simple steps to help you have the best experience as you learn how to develop. http://bit.ly/OthodPJeremy Foster

· Join us as we build a Windows Store app in 30 days. Day 1: Planning your Windows Store app. Make sure to review this list of steps to help plan your Windows Store app. http://bit.ly/PrFaaY

· If you missed the Windows Store app development Facebook chat with Microsoft’s own, Jeremy Foster – see the recap blog post that shares the helpful Q&A of the chat.

· Day 2 - Building a Windows Store app: Design guidance. Make sure your app is easy to navigate and delivers the best experience for your users. Read this for navigation patterns, commanding patterns and touch interaction patterns. http://bit.ly/TgC8oX

· Did you know that you can migrate/port your Windows Phone app to a Windows Store app? Check out this page for all of the details: http://bit.ly/RWBTMp

· Day 3 - Building a Windows Store app: Now is the time to review UX guidelines that cover touch interactions, snapping and scaling, tiles and notifications, which is everything you neeWindows 8 Getting Started Guided to make your app compelling. http://bit.ly/Xik67n

· Whether you are developing in C#, Visual Basic, JavaScript, or C++, download code samples that cover splash screens, file access and more to help you get started building a Windows Store app. http://bit.ly/RG0u98

· Calling all students! You have access to publish apps to the Windows Store at no cost through DreamSpark. Check out the details: http://bit.ly/UokZfG.

· VIDEO: This video shows how to build a charming Windows 8 app and shares some best practices in using them. http://bit.ly/WKDYREday 4

· Day 4 - Building a Windows Store app: Window design case studies: http://bit.ly/PrJaZ5. Download the Windows design assets to kick-start your app interface. http://bit.ly/RWvhOo

· Day 5 - Building a Windows Store app: Get ready for app development with tools and templates. Take time to review the key traits of a great Windows Store app (http://bit.ly/RkDNYC). This document helps you get set up with tools and a free developer license: http://bit.ly/IRxLec.

· Day 6 - Building a Windows Store app: You've coded a great app on another platform. What can you do? Learn migrating here: http://bit.ly/TBSL0A & porting Silverlight or Windows presentation foundation (WPF) XAML code to a Windows Store app: http://bit.ly/RGmcK8.

· Day 7 - Building a Windows Store app: Learn how to create Windows Store apps using JavaScript, C#, C++, or Visual Basic. http://bit.ly/RXfH4N

Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter as we continue to share developer tips about building apps with Windows 8. Are you developing a Windows Store app? We’d love to see it – make sure to share your app with us in the comments below.