Meet Student Developer, Aditya Kumar

Meet Student Developer, Aditya Kumar

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Tell us a little about your experience with Windows Phone.

Building apps for Windows Phone is fun. The SDK makes it simple for the developers, especially the student developers; its powerful and easy interface makes it the best among others.

Tell us about the apps that you have built.Aditya

I currently have two apps in the Marketplace, namely, Rapid Reflex and taxilocator. Rapid Reflex is a simple two player game, designed keeping in view the likes of students and office goers to refresh them during the breaks and cause an adrenaline rush. On the other hand, taxilocator is designed keeping in view the interests of tourists. This app lets you call the cab instantly from your Windows Phone; you also have an option to check the route, the time it will take you to reach your destination. I’m also working on 3 apps at present and will be launching it in the Marketplace soon.

Have you ever hit a bump in the road while developing? How did you overcome it?

Problems and I go hand in hand. As we all know, failures are the key to success. Bumps actually are the key to an awesome app. Yes, I did face a lot of problems while creating my apps and even had sleepless nights. My app ‘taxilocator’ also failed its certification, but after putting in a lot of effort and drinking lots of cola it finally passed the certification. I would also love to mention that every bump I faced did teach me something and also motivated me to success.

Do you have any advice for student developers?

Landing a job in today’s competitive environment is a tedious task and one should have an upper edge over others. You need not be a pro, but you could be the one who thinks out of the box. Making apps for Windows Phone is not that difficult, thanks to its ease and beautiful metro design; if you have an idea then you are definitely on your way to shine. Companies these days don’t believe in rot learning and want some hands-on-experience in resumes.

AdityaI am an average student with the spark to learn new things and create. And the zeal to learn something new made me look in the app development field and I can ensure one thing YOU WILL LOVE IT.

Where can students learn more about you?

You can go through my blog Tech-Geek, follow me on Twitter. Feel free to contact me. I would love to help you clear your queries. Also make sure you download and try my apps.

  • keep goin :)

    luck n support frm my side :)

  • Great Aditya.. All the best for all future endeavors :)

  • Well done and good luck Aditya..! :)

  • i had an idea of creating a windows app..but i didn't have any idea about the c# language...i didn't  about the data storage and database connections..can u guide mee....

  • Ironically enough, the second pic is of Google's g|india event :P .

    Microsoft people missed it I guess .

  • It feels good to see like you ..........coz

    i wanted to be like

  • Good going bro :) I am also working on some good applications.. :)

  • Soo Finally I need Some Help From you :)

  • Please help me to solve this.

    how to save this image into Picture library.

    public async void CapturePhoto_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)


               CameraCaptureUI dialog = new CameraCaptureUI();

               Size aspectRatio = new Size(16,16);

               dialog.PhotoSettings.CroppedAspectRatio = aspectRatio;

               StorageFile file = await dialog.CaptureFileAsync(CameraCaptureUIMode.Photo);

               if (file != null)


                   BitmapImage bitmapImage = new BitmapImage();

                   using (IRandomAccessStream fileStream = await file.OpenAsync(FileAccessMode.Read))




                   CapturedPhoto.Source = bitmapImage;



  • Hi Pavan Kumar - Be sure to check out the Windows Phone Getting Started Guide for helpful tips and tricks in developing apps. Best of luck to you and have a great day!

  • Hi Rahul Ranjan - be sure to share your apps with me, as I'd love to see them. Have a great day!

  • Hi Bhavesh Kumar - be sure to check out the Windows Phone Getting Started Guide, which has many resources for you when you are developing your apps Best of luck to you and have a great day!

  • Hi aditya this is pujith. I am new to developing apps. I dont know much about c#. All i have is 2% knowlwdge and 98% attitude. With vision, will and visual studios these are my getting started apps... Please take a look and give me feedback at  

    thank you :)

  • Mr adityakumar these are well try , congratz  to u... and is there any certification from Microsoft corporation after submission regards our project and any job offer from Microsoft?

  • Good job....keep it up!! make more apps and gimme for free :p

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