October, 2012

  • Meet Student Developer, Aditya Kumar

    Tell us a little about your experience with Windows Phone.

    Building apps for Windows Phone is fun. The SDK makes it simple for the developers, especially the student developers; its powerful and easy interface makes it the best among others.

    Tell us about the apps that you have built.pic1

    I currently have two apps in the Marketplace, namely, Rapid Reflex and taxilocator. Rapid Reflex is a simple two player game, designed keeping in view the likes of students and office goers to refresh them during the breaks and cause an adrenaline rush. On the other hand, taxilocator is designed keeping in view the interests of tourists. This app lets you call the cab instantly from your Windows Phone; you also have an option to check the route, the time it will take you to reach your destination. I’m also working on 3 apps at present and will be launching it in the Marketplace soon.

  • Meet Student Developer, Raj Vardhan

    1. Tell us about your experience with Windows Phone.

    raj vardhanMy experience with Windows Phone has been great. Earlier, I mostly developed desktop applications and mobile application development, which initially seemed abstruse. I found the Windows Phone SDK amazing because it gives developers a lot of freedom to build apps the way they want it to be and makes the whole process look very simple. There is a lot of support material available to work on Silverlight and XNA framework that makes it easier to move down on the learning curve. Yes the SDK is awesome, but the story doesn’t end there. Working with Windows Phone is not just about developing great apps, but also publishing them on the Windows Marketplace and simultaneously nurturing them. Everything starting from the certification procedure to managing published apps is extremely smooth on the Windows Phone Dev Center. Developers can easily track their apps for reviews, downloads and other vital statistics and make updates in no time. This really helps developers understand their users and strive to build better apps.    

  • Windows Phone Wednesday - Student Developed App: Timer

    TimerDo you want to know how long an activity takes you? Meet Timer – the student developed app that is a simple stopwatch and timer for Windows Phone. It is highly recommended and easy to use while it shows alerts even if the app is closed. You don’t want to miss this app with over 350 reviews and 4.5 stars!

    If you are thinking about developing apps for Windows Phone the Getting Started Guide is a helpful resource to get you started in the right direction.

  • You’re Invited to Microsoft’s Worldwide Hackathon for Windows, WOWZAPP 2012


    If you love developing, you don’t want to miss this! Join thousands of developers, designers and tech enthusiasts, including students and professionals across five continents to build apps for Windows 8. Be part of the new app revolution and come learn, build and launch Windows Store apps that can help build your career (and even make you money). Microsoft app experts, developers and trainers will be available to guide your learning and coding throughout the entire event. For helpful resources to get started and become more familiar with the platform, click here.

  • Imagine Cup Announces the 2012 Grant Finalists

    Now in its 11th year, Imagine Cup is the premier student technology competition that encourages students to form a team and build an application, with the opportunity to win cash prizes and travel.  More than 350 students from 75 countries traveled to Sydney, Australia, for the Worldwide Finals in July.

    Proving the journey doesn't end after the Worldwide Finals, over 40 teams submitted applications for the Imagine Cup Grant program. The caliber of applications was impressive, and we strongly believe each team that submitted an application has the potential to change the world through their innovative solutions.

    Read the full blog post here.