September, 2012

  • All things Imagine Cup – Helpful Tips & Tricks


    We’ve gathered all of the content that was shared during the Imagine Cup themed week on the Microsoft Student Facebook page and @MS_Twitter handle for your convenience below. Be sure to check out the recap of the Imagine Cup chat on Twitter. If you have any questions or would like more information about Microsoft’s global student technologist competition, here are some resources:

  • In Case You Missed the Imagine Cup Twitter Chat – Here is a Recap

    John Scott TynesSally Buberman

    The Imagine Cup Twitter Chat was very well received; we’re so glad you were able to get some questions answered from John Scott Tynes, Imagine Cup Competition Manager and Sally Buberman, Imagine Cup alumna and entrepreneur. For those of you who missed the chat, not a problem. We’ve highlighted the top Q&A below, so that you can better understand the Imagine Cup competition and its resources. If you have any more questions there a couple of different avenues you can take in order to get an answer:

  • Meet Imagine Cup Alumnus, Wilson To

    Throughout my academic career, I have always been advised to find an internship or part-time jWilson and his Imagine Cup team, 2011ob to supplement my curriculum in order to “put those classroom skills to work”. Although I whole-heartedly believe in this advice and its benefits for students, I opted for a different course. My decision was based on my thoughts that internships traditionally provided an environment where students can learn and apply their skills, but rarely allowed them to move beyond a safety net to experience failure. Yes, failure. In essence, internships are generally careful crafted and guided programs. It is a safe choice – and for many, it is perfect for what they are looking for in their career development. In my opinion, however, it is really through competitions that students are truly able to put skills to work.

  • Meet Imagine Cup Alumnus, Vinny Lohan!

    When and where did you participate in Imagine Cup?

    My journey in Imagine Cup was spread over 4 years. The first year I was part of the crowd watching the amazing teams and their projects being presented at the national finals of Imagine Cup in New Zealand. I decided right then and there that not only was I going to take part and work on a project that makes a difference, I would also win the Imagine Cup globaVinny and Steve Ballmerlly; this was in 2009.

    I won the Imagine Cup in New Zealand 2 years in a row with two different projects and then went on to win 3rd and the top 6 spot at the Worldwide Finals in 2010 and 2011 (Poland and New York). I then mentored a team from India to win across all categories in Imagine Cup India Finals who won the Global People’s Choice award in 2012 (Australia).

  • Imagine Cup Themed Week: A Look at What’s to Come

    Next week (September 24-28), we will be sharing all things Imagine Cup on the Worldwide Microsoft Student social media pages: Microsoft Student Facebook and @MS_Student Twitter handle.

    Join our first ever Twitter chat hosted by Microsoft Imagine Cup John Scott TynesCompetition Manager, John Scott Tynes, and Imagine Cup alumna, Sally Buberman. On September 26th from 10-11 am PDT, John and Sally will be answering your questions via Twitter, so be sure to follow the hashtag #imaginecup (and include the #imaginecup hashtag in your Tweets). Make sure to RSVP for all of the details.

    Throughout the week we will be sharing helpful resources, alumni advice, information about past winners, how to get started and much more.

    If you’re not familiar with Imagine Cup or are wondering exactly what the competition is, read below for more details and then get ready for tips and tricks about Imagine Cup all week long.

    Sally Buberman