During the month of May, we've been posting daily Windows Phone development tips on Twitter (@MS_Student). We've included all of the tips we shared this week below for easy reference. Are you finding the daily tips helpful? Leave us a comment!

Day 5 – Adding panorama and pivot controls to your application
Panoramic experiences are a part of the native Windows Phone look and feel. Unlike standard applications that are designed to fit within the confines of the phone screen, panoramic application offer a unique way to view controls, data, and services by using a long horizontal canvas that extends beyond the confines of the screen. Learn to implement Panorama and add Pivot Controls.

Day 6 – Adding an application bar to your application
Create an Application Bar in XAML or Code for Windows Phone. Learn how to change Icon Buttons and Menu Items dynamically. 

Day 7 – Changing the on-screen keyboard input scope in Windows Phone
When you use controls such as text boxes in your Windows Phone application, the user enters data by using the on-screen keyboard. Depending on the type of data the user is entering, the input scope of default keyboard may not be the best choice. Learn more.

Day 8 – Applying Theme Resources for Windows Phone
A theme is a set of resources used to personalize the visual elements on a Windows Phone device.

Day 9 – Performing Page Navigation on Windows Phone
To learn how to navigate back and forth between different pages of content in your application. Check out this helpful exercise to learn more about navigation. 

Day 10 – Working with Tiles in Windows Phone
There are two types of tiles: Application Tiles and secondary Tiles. The Application Tile is created when a user pins an application to the home screen. A secondary Tile is created programmatically by an application based on interaction from the user. Check out all there is to know about Tiles.

Day 11 – Using Photos with your Windows Phone app
Llearn how to use the camera capture task. Implement the Photo Chooser task to enable users to select an existing photo from the phone.

How are your Windows Phone app development projects going? Leave us a comment below and tell us what you are having trouble with or what works really well.