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October, 2004

  • Using Personas to Create User Documentation

    An article at touches on the use of personas to aid the development of product documentation as well as product definition and design. Assuming that you already have personas available, this article makes a compelling case for leveraging personas in your technical writers' efforts.
  • The Problem of Usabilty in Open Source Software

    An interesting article on NewsForge, "Open source usability is a technical problem we can solve on our own," talks about the problem of usability in Open Source Software (OSS). The thesis is that the OSS community continues to view the field of usabilty as some kind of mysterious voodoo magic that can only be unravelled by "others" outside the OSS community, when they should be looking at it as just another problem that can be solved in the same way they solve all other technical problems.
  • All you need is LUA

    WARNING: Serious Silliness Ahead. This is a "Filk Song" about LUA (Least-privileged User Accounts) that I felt compelled to share on my blog.