Hello IT experts! You know who you are - you've figured out tips and tricks for every situation, have found the most interesting and relevant TechNet or MSDN info, and I'd wager that your favorites list tops at least the 25 mark (and I'll bet you even have a folder or two organizing that list).


The TechNet team wants to make it easier for experts like you to share their favorite TechNet articles and links, so they’ve release their v1 of social bookmarking - and you can use it to share your best or favorite links on TechNet or MSDN with others.


Available in two flavors – TechNet (social.technet.microsoft.com) and MSDN (social.msdn.microsoft.com). Chris Slemp has a bunch of info on how to use this great new tool on his blog (http://blogs.msdn.com/cslemp/archive/2008/09/09/launched-social-bookmarking-v1-on-msdn-and-technet-video.aspx).


A tip: use the tags! It makes the relevant content easier to for others to find based on category…