In June of 2007 we announced a new project, Forefront codenamed “Stirling”, to the world.  Now the moment you’ve been waiting for: our first public beta of the product!   Today we release Beta 1 of Stirling to give everyone a small taste of what an integrated security system can really be.  We hope you enjoy taking a first look and walking through some of the scenarios enabled by this release. 

Why Stirling you may ask?  In many organizations, the IT environment is protected by standalone, often incompatible solutions that only show part of the security picture at any one time. To minimize threats to endpoints, messaging and collaboration servers, and the network edge, security administrators are forced to navigate through multiple management consoles and vendor-specific processes as they define policies, configure technologies, and manage security throughout the network.

The lack of a single, integrated, and comprehensive security solution continually undermines the security state, resulting in costly hours in which IT organizations struggle to safeguard the business from threats, outbreaks, and debilitating attacks.

In contrast, Stirling’s comprehensive, built-in protection technologies span the entire IT environment — from endpoints to messaging and collaboration servers to the network edge — collectively sharing information, assessing vulnerability, and responding automatically based on pre-defined policies. Simplified configuration and management tasks are handled through a single, centralized console, whose dashboard opens to a real-time, network-wide snapshot of your security state.

In this release you get a taste for some of this technology.  As we go forward with future beta releases you will see more and more protection technologies come online.  All driving toward our vision of an Integrated Enterprise Security System that provides:

·         Comprehensive, Coordinated Protection

o        Automatically identify and dynamically respond to threats

o        Deploy integrated protection technologies

o        Benefit from global malware research and response

·         Simplified Management

o        Manage from a single role-based console

o        Optimize your security policy

o        Integrate with existing infrastructure

·         Critical Visibility

o        Know your security state

o        View insightful reports

o        Investigate and remediate


I look forward to seeing everyone’s feedback on the product thus far.  Only through engagement with our customers and partners such as you can we make the vision a reality.


Brad Wright

Product Unit Manager – Forefront