The SharePoint team blog is once again sending us in the direction of some online labs. Have a look at Rich Riley’s post. I had a bit of a play around in a couple of the labs yesterday and the performance/response of the hosted VMs is pretty good and 90 minute allocation allows more than enough time to complete that lab and have a bit of a play around trying out other things. I also see that Rich made a change to one of the scripts to correct an error that I noticed when I was running through one of the labs in Seattle the other week, Sparky D may try to claim it but the messaging boy was just passing on the information from my discovery. It’s a proud moment for Marsh.

For those of you who want to get deep down and dirty with some other training, have a look at these Microsoft e-learning offerings. I’m planning to have a bash at them over the next few weeks and I’ll report back with my opinion but if you’ve already had a go at any of these then I’d be interested to hear your thoughts.