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So I managed to lock myself out of my flat this weekend.  Whilst I was stood there shivering in my woefully inappropriate attire, hoping my flatmates would turn up before I ended up a frozen statue, it gave me time to consider how totally reliant we are on technology.  I had no phone, no laptop, no MP3 player, no PSP...I felt naked and totally helpless.  How our forefathers coped without instant mobile communication I don't know...I honestly can't remember the last time I was completely cut off from the world like that.  It got me thinking about how on earth one would survive outside armed only with their wits, you don't realise how totally reliant you are on technology until it's gone.

I imagine a few Second Life residents are also feeling cut-off from their world after this weekend, when Linden Labs had to close their systems temporarily due to a grey goo attack.  For those who aren't familiar with this sort of scenario, it involves a self-replicating entity being unleashed on a system and consuming all available resources.  SL is supposed to have systems in place to prevent this sort of thing but it's difficult to prevent all attacks given the wide amount of flexibility given to script writers.  I believe it's all back up and running now though.

  • Steve Horne wrote a thought provoking post about being locked out of Second Life due to the Grey Goo

  • Steve (who is still making superb bits of machinima ) told me about this worm affecting Second Life.

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