September, 2006

  • Roll over Sony

    Pah, who needs a PSP when you can have an Xbox 360 on your lap! The creator of this beast is Ben Heckendorn (he must have strong knees...) NB: Cutting up your Xbox 360 and rearranging the innards may void your warranty
  • Making nice

    Last Tuesday Microsoft announced the Open Specification Promise , which boils down to a permanent agreement not to sue anyone implementing web services for patent violation. This has been done in consultation with the open source community - to quote...
  • Quest for the Halo Grail

    Okay, I admit the next video's taking a little while but in the interim here's a take on Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Halo style. Enjoy :-) (Incidentally, I'm trying out Windows Live Writer to publish my blog, so far so good.)
  • Second Life hacked

    This weekend the database of online game Second Life got hacked, exposing usernames, passwords and addresses of thousands of players. If you play and use the same password anywhere else, make sure you change it ASAP (Second Life will require you change...