It looks like the Monad GUI written by Kark Prosser, MSH Analyzer, is really coming along. Integration of a graphical environment with a command shell is something I wouldn't normally expect to work at all, but it has some innovative features such as providing the objects resulting from a query in a dropdown box. The latest version isn't available for download yet, but from the demo hopefully that time isn't too far away.

In other news James has pointed out to me that C# 3.0 (yep, seems we're already looking at that) will support lambda expressions. This brings up some painful memories of ML and other functional programming languages, but this is one piece of syntactic sugar that may make life a little easier. I was pleased when anonymous methods finally turned up in C# 2.0, and while functionally lambda expressions are no different from these, they should prove to make source code more readable and concise when used appropriately.