So hello and welcome to my new blog.  I've just joined Microsoft as an IT Pro Evangelist (cool job title huh?), and am now trying to hurriedly get up to speed with a myriad of new technology, in particular Monad and Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM).  Hopefully this blog will allow me to disseminate my experiences in getting to grips with some interesting new stuff.

I've no idea how I missed Monad, but having discovered it I'm very excited about the potential this has. For those like me who until recently have been blissfully unaware, Monad is the powerful new command-shell for Windows, and is based around the .NET 2.0 framework. The real beauty in Monad is that pretty much everything is an object - i.e. commands, results and parameters. This removes the need to process results through text processing commands such as awk and sed, since you can get whatever information you need by accessing the appropriate attribute of the result object. Literal types are also objects, and you can even access methods of objects - see the following examples.

MSH> "foobar"
MSH> "foobar".Length
MSH> "foobar".ToUpper()

There are also some command aliases built-in so that people from a *nix background can hopefully migrate that little bit more easily (it was nice to discover ls and man worked). Monad will (I believe) be tightly integrated into the administration interfaces of new server products such as Exchange and MOM. If you want to get your hands on a the Beta and start playing with it then check out this web-site:

A nice site providing links to information on getting started, script samples and Monad blogs is available here: