We all go out into the blogosphere with the intent to have tons of time to work, play, and write blogs. It appears that the last of these has been awfully neglected over the past few years (sorry). I think I'll have some things to talk about here and there, so I'll re-activate my blog - yay!

I'll start out with a few things that have happened since my last postings.

1) I moved into a Security Premier Field Engineer role at Microsoft. This has allowed me to go onsite and meet face to face with customers around the world.
2) I got my pilots license. Flying around the area is such a great thrill.
3) I am developing a new tool which we use with large customers to determine security risk of operating systems across an enterprise.
4) This weekend, I'll be riding my bicycle in the MS-150 here in Dallas. It's a huge challenge for me, but allows some great fundraising for a great cause. I am sure to be sore from the experience.  

Over the next few months, I'll have a lot to share on many of these work and non-work topics. I hope you find them beneficial and fun :)