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AntiSpyware and OneCare Live

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Today when I came in to the office, I was made aware of an issue which stated that a Microsoft Representative was quoted as saying Windows AntiSpyware would no longer be available for free.


The statement quoted in many forums is not true.


As we have been saying since day one, Microsoft Windows AntiSpyware will be available at no charge to licensed users of Windows. Users who validate their Windows install through WGA will be allowed to download the AntiSpyware beta, as well as the full standalone version of AntiSpyware when it releases to the web. This has not changed since Bill Gates announced this information at the RSA conference in February. The enterprise version of Windows AntiSpyware is targeted to companies who want to centrally manage their Windows AntiSpyware infrastructure. The enterprise version of Windows AntiSpyware will be available for a cost (which has not been determined yet).  For users who want more services including AntiVirus, computer backup, and AntiSpyware we will be offering Windows OneCare live. Windows OneCare Live is currently in beta, but when it releases to the web it will be available to users with a cost.


There are many exciting security offerings coming from Microsoft over the next year and I am just glad they let me blog about these exciting things happening at Microsoft!

  • It's not like a chat room is the best place to get a comment anyway - never ever take the word of a PM over Gates, lol.

    Luckily it seems the "news" never made it past Neowin.

    Good job on WAS. :)


  • I'm glad to hear it from someone that knows. I've had good luck with it and glad to hear it will be free.

  • Steve I meant to ask your thoughts on a program called Spyware Blaster. Could you tell me what you think about it & is it worth installing it on my computer? I have XP Home Edition with Windows anti-spyware beta installed. Thank you very much.

  • Hooray! This makes total sense, and I applaud MS for doing it. Shoo, it's just a good thing on all fronts. As you will see from my new XP install series on DLSQ I think MS's security products that are coming out have great implementation. AntiSpyware and SP2 have impressed me greatly. Kudos. I hope the price point on OneCare is good. My suggestion: $3.99 a month, with one free phone support call each month. After that each call costs $5 to $10... or charge per minute of actual "help" time...

  • With reference to Victor's comments on price, I think that for a lot of users his suggested price point is too high. I currently use AVG antivirus which is free (for personal use) and zone alarms firewall again which is free (for personal use). To get users to use the MS product the price has to be a nominal one.

  • Neowin; such fine journalistic quality for the 21st century, I miss BYTE Magazine.
    One Care Live is going to be a really cool program.

  • Steve Dodson from Microsoft clears us some miscommunication that led to rumors flying around Microsoft...

  • There was some talk over at that Windows AntiSpyware wouldn't be free.

    Steve Dodson (someone who is actually working on the product) puts it to rest:

    Today when I came in to the...

  • You're getting blogspammed; please turn commenting off if you're not moderating your blog comments.

    Turning off comments a few weeks after the blog posting is probably a good idea anyway.

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