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AntiSpyware (beta) Build 613 Released Today

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Just a few minutes ago, we released the latest build of Windows Antispyware to the public. This build will resolve issues which will make using this product better for users. Starting today, users will start to see the automatic update mechanism fire off and advise users know they have a new update available. Some of the big improvements are:


1)      Software expiration will be extended to December 31, 2005.

2)      Alerts Moving Quickly Across the Screen : Messages which move quickly off the screen when the start bar is not docked horizontally are also fixed. Users who dock their start bar on the sides of their screen will now be able to read messages generated from Microsoft Windows AntiSpyware (beta).

This issue is what we dubbed the “Flying Toast Issue” and one which I was passionate about getting fixed in this refresh build.

3)      Support for Long Descriptions:  Users of older builds only have access to the short descriptions which ship as part of the signatures. These short descriptions only provide limited information about potentially unwanted software. Long descriptions in build 613 will help users by giving them more information about the potentially unwanted software detected on their PCs.

4)      Improved Winsock LSP removal mechanism:  In some cases, removing spyware LSPs, or can disrupt network functionality. Through enhancements made in this beta refresh, we’ve lessened the chance that this problem will occur.


This is a very exciting release, and one which will greatly improve the user experience on this excellent product.



  • I can't wait Steve!

  • Is there better memory management in this release Steve? Users have reported slow start up that can take 10 to 15 mins. If you check the TaskManager during this process you will see MSAS using a hefty amount of memory.

  • Sounds good!

    Are there any plans for AntiSpyware to be updated from Microsoft Update, either in the beta now or when it goes to final?

  • I've noticed that there are many, many UI issues when large font sizes are used. Will this be fixed?

  • No more flying toast. Good deal.

  • Sounds good. hopefully extra support with browser and desktop hijackers

  • What's being done regarding the known incompatibility between Antispyware and an MCE Extender?;en-us;892374

    Would simply disabling real time protection fix this?

  • the old version and this one still
    refused to start if locale settings for date is not English (United States)!
    It claims to be expired on 31.12.2005!?

  • LOL guys this is to much. Try using IE when downloading. I got the old ver. using Firefox and then when i tried in IE i got the new. Nice MS real nice. ;)

    Might be the lack of the genuine Microsoft Windows thing.

    I get this link in FF:

    Genuine Microsoft Software
    Please click Download to get the download.

    But this in IE:
    Validation Recommended
    This download is available to customers running genuine Microsoft Windows. Please click Continue to begin Windows validation.

  • Can someone tell me how much MS plans to charge for the final version of Antispyware when it is released??? I get conflicting reports that they will/will not charge for it.


    We are working on resolving the media center extender issue in a future release. Since I am a proud owner of a MCE I want the dev team to resolve this quickly as well. The workaround I wrote about in KB 892374 is the only workaround which seems to work for me all the time.

  • A new version of the Windows AntiSpyware Beta is now available for download. This isn't the long-awaited Beta 2, but instead is a refresh of Beta 1: In this second beta refresh (Build 1.0.613), we’ve made other enhancements to the detection and removal capabilities, including improved Winsock LSP removal capabilities and support...

  • Re:

    Ok i was wrong about the browsers sorry but it was a honest mistake i No really im sorry. :(

    I'll run away now and never speak again.

  • Oh the problem was the old program folder. So uninstall and delete the old program folder if your having update problems.

  • Can't wait to run the refresh, Steve.
    Good job to you and the MSAS Beta-Team!


    MS - MVP Windows (IE/OE) & Security, AH-VSOP

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