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  • Blog Post: How to write games for the XBox360 - XNA Game Studio 2 is now available

    The XNA Team Blog hosts the release details of XNA Game Studio 2 which they released on the 13th December - just in time for you to play with over the Christmas Holidays! I have enjoyed time playing several games on my 360 over recent days and I must say that my thoughts have been turning to dusting...
  • Blog Post: MIT Hackers dress John Harvard to make him look like the Master Chief from Halo3

    Thanks to Nik for letting me know about the MIT Hackers who dressed the statue of John Harvard up to make him look like the Master Chief on the night prior to the release of Halo3! Note: "The hack was removed by around 8am" Thanks to TungShen Chew for the following image:
  • Blog Post: Have Halo3 will travel

    Like James I wasn't able to get my hands on Halo3 yesterday due to being on the road. I managed to nip out at lunchtime today and pick up a copy though I'm now back @ the airport heading to Falkirk to meet the team in preparation for tomorrow's event. It was interesting to note that a couple of major...
  • Blog Post: What is Halo 3? How many bad guys have been killed? How many people are playing Halo3 right now?

    Yes it's true - there are those who don't know what Halo3 is about and would benefit from knowing the background - the nice people @ Bungie have created as site just for newbies I can't believe quite how many baddies have been killed in Halo 3 so far - just over a week since it was launched - right...