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I'm so sad - I'm going stir crazy as my mobile phone's been offline for nearly four hours!

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This must say more about me than I perhaps intend and I dare say it's not good!

Earlier this morning I happily received a brand new shiny phone with all kinds of bells and whistles including 3G and a touch screen. My new device is an Orange M3100. Paul's written a little about the device including some nice images of it on his blog. Jason Langridge also mentioned it on his blog.

The thing is that I've had to use a new SIM to upgrade to 3G from GPRS and this involves a switch over period of around two hours. It really shouldn't bother me as much as it does that after nearly four hours I still can't make or receive calls or data. The weird thing is that I'm going a little stir crazy. I use my phone for all kinds of things including my diary and I think this is probably the feature I'm most lost without.

Perhaps I rely upon technology too much. I went cold turkey last year whilst on holiday as I didn't use any electronics at all - after three days I found it rather liberating - prior to that I felt hopelessly disconnected. I didn't NEED connectivity whilst on holiday - I just felt weird without it!


  • 4 hours only? Dude, 11 hours and counting, I think she forgot about me! Ggrrr

  • Daniel> Mine's still not working - nearly 24 hours now. I've chased Orange and found that there were some failed transactions - speak to the service desk as you may be facing the same problem

  • I've just bullied my team in going to the next Girly Geek dinner in London (Each boy needs to be invited...

  • I've just bullied my team in going to the next Girly Geek dinner in London (Each boy needs to be invited

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