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October 2013 CU for SharePoint 2013

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As usual, here is the October 2013 CU release. please find all info below.
Some links or partly updates may not be availbale right ahead, so please expect delays in availability, thnx.

In order to install future updates, the March 2013 PU will be mandatory! So you must install these updates on RTM Farms before you can install subsequent updates in the future! - Click here for Download March PU 2013!
For servers that include search components, you have to follow specific steps to ensure that you install the PU correctly.

Please find here important advise on how to do that correctly:
How to install update packages on a SharePoint farm where search component and high availability search topologies are enabled

As usual, you need to run the SharePoint 2013 Products Configuration Wizard on each machine in the farm after installing the packages.

The SharePoint Server pack contains the Foundation packs, so you basically only need to install one Package.
The project Server Packs are containing both, so if you install this one, no need for the other two to install additionally.


October 2013 CU for SharePoint 2013:

Build Number: 15.0.4551.1001 (Foundation) and 15.0.4551.1005 (Server) 

KB 2825674 - SharePoint Foundation 2013

KB 2825647 - SharePoint Server 2013

KB 2825686 - Office Web Apps Server 2013

KB 2825658 - SharePoint Designer 2013 hotfix package

KB 2825661 - SharePoint Designer 2013 hotfix package, language specific

KB 2825650 - SharePoint Server 2013 with Project Server 2013

KB 2825659 - Description of the Project Server 2013 hotfix package (Projectserverwfe-x-none.msp): October 8, 2013
KB 2760465 - Description of the Project Server 2013 hotfix package (Coreserver-x-none.msp; Projectserverwfe-x-none.msp): October 9, 2013


Related Links:

· Update center for Office, Office servers, and related products

· Software updates overview for SharePoint 2013

· Project 2013 and Project Server 2013: Language Packs

· October 2013 Office Update Release (Office Sustained Engineering and Release team)

All previous Updates:

· Build Matrix for SharePoint Server 2013

· Build Matrix for SharePoint Server 2010

· Build Matrix for SharePoint Server 2007 (aka MOSS)


Some additonal Info about New SharePoint 2013 search scale capabilities:

(taken from from Olaf Birkeland’s (Search PG) community post)

<Content excerpt>

The October CU to SP2013 is now out. From the description, it might not look too interesting for search. It does although contain important fixes to allow larger Search Service Applications than before.

    • The system is more robust and can handle more components. New scale limits will be published on Oct 15th.
    • We open up for running up to 4x index components per server (given you have 4x hardware resources to host them all)
    • The indexer uses less memory on machines with lots of RAM, allowing it to run better along with other loads, including other indexers.
    • Query lookup is faster, and provides higher QPS rates. Graphs below is from a 150M items farm, applying ramp query load before/after the CU

Aug 2013 CU


​Oct 2013 CU


(Graph gap on the right is just a reporting issue, as the timer job that collects data is recycled every morning at 6am)

There was quite some handholding needed to get this CU out due to various technical non-code problems. Given the results, I would although say the extra effort was worth it.

</Content excerpt>

Thanks to my Peer, Holger Lutz for sharing Zwinkerndes Smiley

  • Hi Steve,

    "here is the August 2013 CU" : it should be "October 2013 CU" :)

  • Hi benoit,  thanks for the hint, I corrected the typo, sorry folks,

    cheers, Steve

  • Hi Guys,

    How do you go about updating the Web Apps. Is there an updated version anywhere?


  • Your link to KB2825647 is incorrect - should be

    By the way, you mention in here that KB2825647 is the CU for SharePoint 2013 with Project Server 2013 but the article state that it applies to SharePoint 2013 (not both).   Although it does contradict by stating (within the article that it also cover KB2760465 ( ) which applies to Project Server 2013.  

    Wondering why is there a disconnect?  Should there be an article that says "KBxxxxxx - SharePoint Server 2013 with Project Server 2013"  I would think so. :)

  • Hi Steve, I found that the October 2013 CU breaks publishing pages. After creating a new publishing page using any OOB content type, if you click on "Edit properties" you get an unexpected error. The thing is getting worst if you have requiered properties because you have no way to do the First check-in.

    It is happening on premise and O365.

  • @Hayden:

    updating web apps is a separate Task and the updates are also not directly mapped to SharePoint CU's.

    The post above Shows the link: KB 2825686 - Office Web Apps Server 2013 October 2013 CU which is the one you're looking for, if I'm not mistaken...

    For all other  latest updates on that Piece please see here:

    and here:

  • @Viviana Saulo:

    I'm sorry to hear that but I wasnt Aware of any regressions with the october CU. So please raise this issue with the MS Support Team to follow up if it is really a Regression caused by the OCt. CU.

    Thanks and sorry again,

    cheers, Steve

  • @ichoudhury:

    sorry for the confusion, yes it was a mistake and the link is now the correct one for Project and SharePoint Package, please appologize,

    and thnx for the heads up,  

    cheers, Steve

  • Hi Steve, I have an active incident with MS Support and they realized that it is a bug. Still I don't have an answer about the resolution. Thanks!

  • @Viviana Saulo: I could take a look into your Case if you can provide me the SR number ;-)

  • @Viviana Saulo and @Steve, have you received any update from MS Support on the issue with "Editing Properties" on publishing pages you mentioned? I have the same problem was introduced after installation of October CU.

  • @Shahram: I'm sorry, we're not aware of any regressions within the "October 13 CU". @Vivianna: I never got the Support case number hence couldnt bearly follow up on the issue. If someone has an active SR runnign and can send me the number, I'm happy to look into it ;-)

  • Steve, will you be able to log a new support ticket I send you the details?

  • Shahram : My blog posts are not considered to provide break-fix support. Please do contact MS Support directly and open a service ticket via [] or use your known contact methods according to your contract (Professional/Premier/o365). Thanks a lot and sorry, kr, Steve

  • We ran into the same issue. After over 2 days of head scratching we kind of made it work. The fix for us was that we added back the article page content type to the page library. Not sure why this did the trick.

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