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July, 2011

  • Create Profile Sync connection with Powershell

    Yesterday, a good fellow (Zsolt Illes) notified me about the new cmdlets, introduced by SharePoint 2010 SP1 and that this information is available and published on Spencer Harbar’s blog with more details. Here’s just a short “cut out”...
  • SharePoint 2010 new database limitations and RBS

    Since 8th of july 2011, the product group has published a new post regarding changes on database size limitations and guidance. The most interesting key points out of the above mentioned post are as follows: For a SharePoint content database up to 200...
  • End of Support for Office XP Products

    Effective with the 11 th of July 2011 , Office XP Extended support will retire worldwide. What does that mean? The end of support means that we will no longer provide public fixes for the Office XP release. Automatic Updates that ship on “Patch...