Steve Riley on Security

Formerly of Microsoft's Trustworthy Computing Group.

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    Lousy security is all around us, and I'm not even thinking about airport security here (which, I admit, i love griping about). Here I have in mind lousy computer security. And lest you think I'm proceeding to engage in naval-gazing introspection, no -- I'm not going to write about our own products. ...
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    Take a few moments and indulge in a thought exercise with me. Consider your company’s complete collection of information processing assets—all the computers, the networks they’re connected to, the applications you use, and the data and information you manipulate. Which of those is the most valuable?...
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    Please let me know if this is a feature you'd be interested in. We're looking to build the business case to develop it, and the best way to do that is for you, our customers, to let us know. Also, if any of you want to deploy RMS now but can't because there's currently no Mac support, I especially need...