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Formerly of Microsoft's Trustworthy Computing Group.

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    Recently, the question of using AES for SSL has come up in the newsgroups and at some conferences. When IE makes an HTTPS connection to a web server, it offers a list of cipher supported cipher suites. The server then selects the first one from the list that it can match. The default order that IE follows...
  • Blog Post: Directly connect to your corpnet with IPsec and IPv6

    Contrary to popular belief, the rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated. Well, ok, no actual rumors, but hey, one can dream, huh? My spring calendar was full of events in Asia and Australia, then TechEd US seemed to suddenly appear out of nowhere! So I've been kinda swamped. I've missed writing...
  • Blog Post: Ethernet and WiFi and Bluetooth, oh my!

    Customers have long requested a way to configure a computer to automatically disable its wireless NIC when its Ethernet is in use. Many third-party utilities can do this for you, but neither XP nor Vista have a built-in way to accomplish this, nor will Windows 7. Although having both NICs enabled first...