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Formerly of Microsoft's Trustworthy Computing Group.

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    Recently I seem to have had the same conversation over and over again, in places as far apart as Jakarta, Winnipeg, and Berlin. The question is usually worded like this: "What happens if someone steals one of my domain controllers?" There is, essentially, only one correct answer, which is this...
  • Blog Post: Why administrative passwords will never be like nuclear missile launchers

    During the past few months many people have lamented that Windows lacks a nuclear missile style control option for administrator passwords. Surely you've read about or seen photographs of missile silos where two operators, separated by a distance greater than the span of a single human's arms, must each...
  • Blog Post: Directly connect to your corpnet with IPsec and IPv6

    Contrary to popular belief, the rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated. Well, ok, no actual rumors, but hey, one can dream, huh? My spring calendar was full of events in Asia and Australia, then TechEd US seemed to suddenly appear out of nowhere! So I've been kinda swamped. I've missed writing...