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Good bye, and good luck

Good bye, and good luck

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Friends, as a part of Microsoft’s second round of restructuring, my position was eliminated yesterday and my employment with Microsoft has ended. While there were many rewards that came from my job, the most satisfying element was knowing that our time spent together helped improve everyone—whether at conferences or through this blog, I’ve learned as much from you as you’ve learned from me. Sharing information, debating positions, and doing the right work for the right reasons are all very important and I’m honored and humbled to have been trusted by so many of you.

I’m certainly not disappearing. While I won’t be at TechEd North America this year (yes, I’m truly sad about that), I’ll remain involved in the security industry. You can find me on LinkedIn at And I’ve got a new blog at, where I promise I’ll start writing more. Please check in there for updates, and I’ll be sure to let you all know where I land next.

  • Wow thats shocking.  I'm sure TechEd will never be the same.

  • Sorry to hear this Steve, MS is losing a great resource.  Your presentations are legendary and your work in the security space is something I've referenced and utilized significantly over the years.  I'm looking forward to running into you again somewhere else in the security world...

    Best Regards,

    Michael Noel

  • It makes me sorry to hear this. No doubt you have inspired me and many others. Thanks for all the great stuff you have done!

    Really hope I see you again soon!

  • How is this possible? They're really screwing the pooch lately.

  • Steve Riley leaves Microsoft :(

  • Steve Riley leaves Microsoft :(

  • Thanks for all the great presentations and everything you have given to the community, you will surely be missed

  • Thanks for the work up to now Steve.  Seems to me like a silly move by the powers that be.  You'll land on your feet elsewhere with greener pastures.

  • Dear Steve,

    Every adversity has a seed of greater or equivalent benefit- and it's for you to find it. (Napoleon Hill)

    I only met you once, last friday, but I think you are a rock star.

    I told you you reminded me of one of my Harvard professors who described how Einstein won the Nobel prize for photon research-an absolutely elegant presentation.

    Elegant is good.

    I went to college with Balmer and Gates and was in the same club.

    You're part of my club.

    Or can I be part of your club?

    Good luck and when in doubt have a sense of humor


  • How Microsoft could make such a catastrophic error is beyond me…. but there you have it. I can

  • Wow, that seems like a HUGE strategic error on Microsoft's part.  Whenever I needed to sell someone on Microsoft products being secure, I pointed them at or showed them a Steve Riley presentation or TechEd video.  This makes me glad I didn't bother signing up for TechEd this year as well.

    This does not bode well for where Microsoft's priorities are at the moment.

  • Huge mistake on Microsoft's part. Wish you the best of luck in quickly landing on your feet with even bigger and better opportunities.

  • Man, we are sad to hear this. I agree with the comments above. Some mistake here...

    Whenever you want to come to Amsterdam let us know! :-) Tony and Daniel

  • That's a shame - I've enjoyed reading your blog and will continue to follow your articles over at the new blog. It was great seeing you at TechEd NZ - any chance of future presentations at TechEd events, or are they strictly for MS employees?

  • Sorry to hear that you leaving.  Big mistake by MS, ITforums used to be made by you chats and freeflowing style that always led to the rooms being packed even if you were given the last slot of the day. Hope to meet up again as part of you new venture and wish you great success.


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