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August, 2010

  • Getting the OpsMgr ManagementGroup name with PowerShell (fast)

    Update: Found out that command did not worked when there is only one Management Server.

    Today I was trying to create some PowerShell scripts for the use with PowerShellASP from /n Software and wanted to find the name of the OpsMgr Management Group.

    Because I was not sure which Cmdlet could give me this info I tried several Cmdlets and the first two I found where get-rootmanagement server and get-managementserver. Both Cmdlets returned info about the Management Group. There could be more Cmdlets that give that info but I found that there is a great time difference between the two Cmdlets. (tested in an OpsMgr 2007 SP1 environment). No idea why but if you want to get the Management Group info fast, better use the next command:

    (get-managementserver)[0] | select ManagementGroup

    get-managementserver | select ManagementGroup -unique 



    Have fun with PowerShell!

  • Simplifying Management Pack Deployment For System Center Operations Manager

    Source: Silect email

    This week I received an email from Silect about  Simplifying Management Pack Deployment For System Center Operations Manager. You can download this free whitepaper from their website.

    In this free whitepaper, you will learn how to more effectively plan your Operations Manager Deployment as well as best practices to consider throughout the Management Pack lifecycle.  You will be introduced to a variety of interfaces available to customize and manage your Management Packs, including Silect’s popular MP Studio for Operations Manager. 

    One of the most interesting parts of this whitepaper is the part about the Management Pack Deployment Cycle.



    If you will be using Silect’s tools to support the Management Pack Deployment Cycle or use your own tools, this Deployment Cycle is key for a Healthy OpsMgr environment.

    I suggest you download this whitepaper and look at your own MP Deployment Cycle and improve where it is needed. When we do an OpsMgr Health Check at our Premier Customers, this turns out an area which often can be improved.