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April, 2010

  • Windows PowerShell Quick Reference

    Just doing some PowerShell stuff to forget I could have been in Las Vegas for MMS 2010, I stumbled on this PowerShell Quick Reference.

    Quick reference guide to commonly-used Windows PowerShell commands.

    For best results, open the file in Microsoft Word, print the contents to legal-sized paper (8 inches by 14 inches), and fold the resulting printout in half, making a four-page booklet.


    Download here.

  • Bing Visual Search for PowerShell Cmdlets

    Did you know you can use Bing Visual Search for PowerShell Cmdlets?


    How cool is this? Want to know more check this interview with Jeffrey Snover by Tony Soper at MMS.

  • Using PowerWF for creating an OpsMgr MP

    Today I stumbled on this video about PowerWF (a visual PowerShell Development tool) creating an OpsMgr MP.

    The video shows how PowerWF can be used with PowerShell scripts and converts it to a workflow,and creating a MP with the data for OpsMgr.  

    Visual PowerShell Development with PowerWF Studio makes Microsoft’s PowerShell accessible to everyone. PowerWF Studio allows users to drag-and-drop PowerShell commands to create powerful workflows that are easier to understand and modify than conventional scripts.


  • SQL query for AD Integration

    Have you ever wanted to check if AD Integration is enabled for an Agent using a SQL query? Today I wanted to do that and I created the next SQL Query. You may find it usefull.

    Find all Agent where AD Integration is configured
    Run on OperationsManager Database
    Initial query: Daniele Muscetta
    SELECT bme.DisplayName, mths.ActiveDirectoryManaged
    FROM MT_HealthService mths
    INNER JOIN BaseManagedEntity bme on bme.BaseManagedEntityId = mths.BaseManagedEntityId
    WHERE ActiveDirectoryManaged = 1
    ORDER BY DisplayName

    Find all Agent where AD Integration is not configured
    Run on OperationsManager Database
    Initial query: Daniele Muscetta
    SELECT bme.DisplayName, mths.ActiveDirectoryManaged
    FROM MT_HealthService mths
    INNER JOIN BaseManagedEntity bme on bme.BaseManagedEntityId = mths.BaseManagedEntityId
    WHERE ActiveDirectoryManaged = 0
    ORDER BY DisplayName

  • Download Microsoft System Center Service Manager 2010 Eval

    Yesterday we announced the RTM of Microsoft System Center Service Manager 2010 at MMS 2010. So if you want to start with Microsoft System Center Service Manager 2010 you can already download the eval version here.



    Microsoft System Center Service Manager 2010 is a flexible platform for automating and adapting IT Service Management best practices to your organization’s requirements. It provides built-in processes based on industry best practices for incident and problem resolution, change control, and compliance management. Through the power of its integrated platform, Service Manager automatically connects knowledge and information from System Center Operations Manager, System Center Configuration Manager, and Active Directory Domain Services.
    Service Manager delivers IT services that are:

    • Integrated. Service Manager seamlessly integrates and unifies knowledge, process, and activities across the Microsoft platform.
    • Efficient and Responsive. Service Manager reduces support costs while improving responsiveness to end users and reducing the time to resolution in the datacenter.
    • Business Aligned. Service Manager optimizes resources to align to the business goals, support compliance, and quickly adapt to the ever-changing business requirements.

    This software is intended for evaluation purposes only. You must accept the license terms before you are authorized to use the software. There is no product support for this trial software. You are welcome to participate in the forums to share your trial experiences with others and to ask for advice.
  • What is coming in OpsMgr vNext?


    In this video on Microsoft Technet, Ananthanarayan Sundaram (Senior Product Manager – System Center) is talking about some (new) monitoring scenario’s for OpsMgr vNext.

    The scenario’s he is talking about are:

    1. Monitoring the end-user experience in a distributed cloud environment.
    2. Monitoring Health models and dependencies for .Net Applications and Java Enterprise Editions on the Windows Platform.
    3. Enhanced monitoring on Service oriented Architecture.
    4. Preliminary network monitoring.
    Get Microsoft Silverlight
  • MMS2010 Keynote Live Streaming impression

    Because of the Iceland volcanic ash quite some people from the Netherlands were not able to go to MMS 2010 in Las Vegas this year, including me.

    That’s why Robert Bakker from Microsoft suggested to view the Keynote in the Dutch Microsoft HQ. Here is an impression of viewing the keynote at our office. Hope you all enjoyed the keynote :-)

  • Reblog: Operator Basics: getting started with Operations Manager

    Source: Words and Software

    I case you maybe missed this blog. Jeanie Decker is announcing that the  Operator Basics SuperFlow for Operations Manager 2007 is available for download!

    Superflow, you wonder? Configuration Manager pioneered this format for delivering information. It provides a complete set of content, which can include videos and animations and interactivity, in a single package.

    The Operator Basics SuperFlow is intended for front-line operators who are new to Operations Manager and, when they look at all of the content on TechNet, think "where the heck do I start?"

    Read more on source.

  • Screencast: Deploying SUSE Linux Enterprise Server as a virtualized guest on Windows Server 2008 R2 Hyper-V

    Source: Internal

    As you might know I was not able to fly to MMS 2010 in Las Vegas due to the recent eruption of the Eyjafjallajokull volcano in Iceland :-(

    So I’ve time for other things and today I stumbled on the next screencast, which might be handy for implementing OpsMgr Crossplatform monitoring.

    Check out this screencast on



  • Live streaming MMS2010 keynote in Microsoft Hoofdkantoor Schiphol

    Op dinsdagavond 20 april 2010 zal er voor de nederlandse MMS deelnemers die vanwege de aswolk van de IJslandse vulkaan niet naar Las Vegas hebben kunnen vliegen de MMS 2010 keynote live gestreamd worden.

    Alle nederlandse MMS deelnemers zullen een email ontvangen met de gegevens over de live streaming van de MMS 2010 keynote. Je dient je via de email te registeren voor dit event.

    Hier alvast een screenshot van de email.



    Tot morgen!