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October, 2008

  • Another (web app) OpsMgr Maintenance Mode tool

    Source: Steve Rachui’s Management blog – ConfigMgr/OpsMgr

    Steve wrote this tool because he has not seen anything that allows you to setup maintenance mode for remote systems without either having to logon to the RMS, use the operator console or install software/powershell on the remote systems.  This utility does a few things:

    • Operates on both individual agents and groups
    • Allows 'right now' configuration of maintenance mode
    • Allows future scheduling of maintenance mode
    • Displays systems currently in maintenance mode

    Tool is provided AS IS without warranty or support.


    Download on source.

  • Jalasoft and Savision team up

    Source: Bernardo Sanchez Blog

    Yesterday I got an email from Jalasoft about Jalasoft and Savision team up at Microsoft Tech·Ed IT Professionals 2008 next week.

    Jalasoft’s Xian Network Manager Io and Savision’s Live Maps are both products designed to work with Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2007. Live Map’s elaborate mapping features give Xian users the power to create network aware topologies, business process and geographical maps of your network. Additionally, Xian Network Manager adds network devices down to interface level allowing you a detailed view of your topology so you can pinpoint exactly where the problem is located.

    “Xian Network Manager provides data and alerts; Live Maps brings it all together into an easy to understand graphical representation” said Dennis Rietvink CEO at Savision, “Customers who combine these two products with Operations Manager 2007 will be astonished by the visualization power.”

    Jalasoft and Savision can be found at booth E6 and E7 at Tech·Ed IT Professionals which takes place November 3 – 7, 2008 in Barcelona, Spain.

    So if you are in Barcelona check out their booths.

  • Netuitive SI for Microsoft SCOM?

    I got an interesting email about Netuitive SI. Sounds interesting. Maybe I should download their 30 day trial version and test it. Or does anybody else already has some experience with this (new) tool? Please let me know.

    Netuitive SI for Microsoft SCOM

    Netuitive SI helps Microsoft Systems Center Operations Manager (SCOM) deliver significantly more value for your organization - and it makes life a lot simpler for busy administrators. The software replaces human guesswork with automated mathematics and analysis to deliver truly proactive systems performance management.

    Only Netuitive SI

    • Automatically profiles your IT systems' full range of normal operating behavior - by the minute, hour, day and week
    • Eliminates labor-intensive and error-prone manual setting of performance rules and thresholds for SCOM
    • Isolates root causes and delivers real-time diagnostics
    • Forecasts performance issues two hours in advance
    • Eliminates false alerts; sends only System-verified Trusted Alarms®





  • PowerShell List all Object Discoveries targeted to Windows Servers

    I’m currently trying to find a way to automatically create overrides for Object Discoveries targeted to Windows Servers. More to come soon I hope ;-)

    But before doing that I wanted to find all Object Discoveries targeted to Windows Server first. And with the help of some PowerShell friends (first Jeremy Pavleck then Marco Shaw) I was able to find a way to do that with PowerShell.

    Just open the OpsMgr Command Shell and run the next command. (change the class if you want to).

    # Enumerate OpsMgr 2007 Object Discoveries targeted to Windows Server
    # Date: 13/10/2008
    # Author: Stefan Stranger (help from Jeremy Pavleck and Marco Shaw)
    # Cory Delamarter (increased speed)
    get-discovery |? {$_.Target -match (get-monitoringclass | where {$_.Name -eq "Microsoft.Windows.Server.Computer"}).Id} | select Name, DisplayName

    get-discovery | ? {$_.Target -match $(get-monitoringclass -Name "Microsoft.Windows.Server.Computer").Id} | ft Name, DisplayName

    You can download the script from the PowerShell Code Repository.

  • Webcast of Intro System Center Essentials

    Source: TechNet Edge

    Intro to System Center Essentials

    It starts with an intro to the product and the core issues it's designed to address, and he then shows us the product interface and gives us a walkthrough of the main features and benefits.

  • OpsMgr Remote Maintenance Mode Scheduler

    Source: Everything System Center Operations Manager 2007

    Tim McFadden has created a GUI based tool that lets administrators easily schedule maintenance mode for a server or group of servers inside System Center Operations Manager 2007.

    I’ve updated my toolbox with this great tool.

  • Deleting OpsMgr Attributes

    Have you ever looked for a way to delete an Attribute you created (by accident)? I did today, when I was making some documentation about a Management Pack I created.

    As you can see there is no Delete option in the Authoring Pane of the OpsMgr Console.


    So what’s the easiest and fasted way to delete an OpsMgr Attribute?

    Answer: Using the Authoring Console.


    1. Backup Management Pack where Attribute is saved in case you need to restore!
    2. Open Authoring Console
    3. Import Management Pack from Management Group where you saved the Attribute (in my case the Default MP)
    4. Go to Health Model Pane
    5. Select Discoveries Folder and delete (HowToRemoveAttributeDiscovery) Discovery.
    6. Click Yes when asked.
    7. Open Service Model Pane in Authoring Console and click on Class Folder
    8. Select Class (Windows Server_Extended in this case) and Delete
    9. And click yes again when asked.
    10. Select Export Management Pack to Management Group
    11. Select correct Management Group and click Connect.
    12. Check if Attribute is gone ;-)
  • Cleanup Tool for Operations Manager 2007

    Source: Walter Chomak's System Center Operations Manager 2007 Landing Zone

    I’ve updated the OpsMgr 2007 toolbox with Walter’s Cleanup Tool for Operations Manager 2007.

    This is a command-line utility that enables you to remove all the components of Operations Manager 2007 from a local computer in cases where the typical method of removing applications through Add or Remove Programs in Control Panel fails.

  • Technet Magazine Nov. 2008: Monitoring Windows Server 2008 with OpsMgr 2007

    Source: Technet Magazine Blog

    The November 2008 issue of TechNet Magazine is now available online.