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  • Blog Post: is live!

    The new IIS community site is now live on internet. Lots of great articles on IIS and especially the upcoming new release IIS 7 are available here. Have a look!
  • Blog Post: Great article on how to diagnose Connection_Refused responses in IIS 6

    Just found the following great article on this topic: HOWTO: Diagnose IIS6 failing to accept connections due to Connections_Refused
  • Blog Post: IIS 6 Request Processing Basics

    Have you ever wondered what happens inside IIS when a request comes in? There a several different scenarios depending on what file type the request accesses including static files, ISAPI extensions and CGI. David Wang has written a nice article explaining the details: HOWTO IIS 6 Request Processing...
  • Blog Post: LIVE: November 2005 IIS Insider Article

    [Via MikeKim ] Read the November 2005 IIS Insider column on TechNet, which covers the following topics: Compressing Files Other Than HTML and Plain Text Protecting Static Content Without Using Windows Authentication How to Access IIS Behind a NAT Router Any comments...
  • Blog Post: IIS 7 - Online documentation

    IIS 7.0 Operations Guide Procedures for how to do tasks in IIS 7.0 IIS 7.0 Technical Reference
  • Blog Post: Easy way to request hotfixes from Microsoft Support

    In the past I have heard lots of complaints that it is required to open a support case just to receive a hotfix from Microsoft. A colleague just pointed me to a new webform which allows customers to request a hotfix without calling Microsoft support:
  • Blog Post: David Wang talks about his thoughts for IIS Security vs. Apache

    David has posted two articles about his thoughts on IIS Security vs. Apache which I would like to recommend to you: Thoughts on IIS Security vs Apache Thoughts on IIS Security vs Apache, Part 2
  • Blog Post: Windows Server 2003 R2 Webcast Series

    [Via Kevin Remde ] Windows Server 2003 R2 Webcast Series – Extend Connectivity and Control in Your Environment Did you know that there is a new version of Windows Server 2003 coming? Did you know there are new features coming in Windows Server 2003 that will help you extend your connectivity and...
  • Blog Post: MOSS - Common Issue - events 7076, 6398, 6482 listed in the Event log and/or IIS MMC not responding

    We had a big number of cases where customers reported the following pattern: Event ID 7076 - Office SharePoint Server "Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt. " "System.AccessViolationException: Attempted to read or write protected...
  • Blog Post: IIS 7 Documentation available

    Beta version of IIS 7 documentation has been released: