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SharePoint 2013 language pack SP1 "slipstream" installations are now available

SharePoint 2013 language pack SP1 "slipstream" installations are now available

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One missing piece in the SharePoint 2013 SP1 release were slipstream installation files for the language packs.

These should be available soon on download center on the following link:

Currently you will only find the english language pack there due to delays in localization of the download center information but you can already download all the language packs using the direct links below.

SharePoint Server 2013 Language Packs with SP1:

SharePoint Foundation 2013 Language Packs with SP1:

  • thanks

  • Hi, Stefan.
    Where I can find "slistream" installations Language Pack SP1 for SharePoint Foundation 2013?

  • Hi Roman, this is not yet available.
    You would need to create it yourself if required.

  • Hi Roman,
    short update: the article above includes now also the information about the "slipstream" installations for SharePoint Foundation 2013 language packs.

  • Stefan, I'm clearly not as wide awake as I should be but I can't see in this article anything about a slipstream installation and when I go to the first link it looks just like the completely normal SP1 Language Pack and not any slipstream version.
    So please explain what I'm missing!

  • Hi Mike,

    I used "slipstream" in quotes to show what it means.
    These are the language packs which include SP1 already.
    They are no service packs for the language packs.


  • Thanks Stefan. Your explanation is clear and understandable. I do think that the title used in the download page ("Language Packs (SP1) for SharePoint Server 2013 SP1 ") isn't as clear.

    Now that I have your explanation I know what it means but imo I think a better title on the Microsoft page would be "Language Packs for SharePoint Server 2013 SP1 " because the addition of "(SP1)" just makes you think it is a Language Pack SP1. Better still a text there using your words - "These are the language packs which include SP1 already.
    They are no service packs for the language packs.." Better additional text on that page than confusion!

  • Hi Stefan,
    are there already "Slipstream" Languagepacks for "Office Web Apps Server 2013 with SP1" available
    like the ones you provided us for SharePoint?

    Thanks for any info, Peter!

  • Hi Peter,
    afaik there is no plan to release such a slipstream version.

  • Hi Stefan,

    Thank you very much for sharing these useful links!


  • Hi Stefan,When i click on the link for SP1 LP (eg: ,it looks like this is base LP version ? After installing in control panel ,under Installed updates also there is no reference of SP1 LP being installed. Is this expected ? Shouldnt the file name be ServerLanguagePack_SP1_x64_ro-ro.img instead of ServerLanguagePack_x64_ro-ro.img ?

  • Hi Abhishek,

    in a perfect world the file name would contain "SP1" - but we do not live in a perfect world.


  • Thanks Stefan for the clarification :-) .As in control panel under installed updates ,it does not have LP SP1 reference ,just wanted to make sure.One last question ,as MS has pulled out SP2013 SP1 patch & also LP SP1 is not available ( ) ,please confirm if the Slip stream SP1 patch version is not impacted by the issue mentioned in the link "" &

  • The bits with SP1 included ("slipstream") are not affected.


  • Thanks a Stefan for the clarification,This post has been really helpful.We were in the process of building a new SP2013 SP1 farm

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