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Certain Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 installation scenarios are not supported

Certain Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 installation scenarios are not supported

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If you are planning to use SharePoint 2013 you should be familiar with the following article which outlines unsupported Installation scanarios for SharePoint 2013:

As summary the following Scenarios are unsupported:

  • Installation on Resilient File System (ReFS) - only NTFS is supported
  • Installation on a machine which is not joined to a domain
  • Installation on a domain Controller
  • Installation on a Windows web Server
  • Installation on a Virtual Machine (VM) that uses Dynamic Memory

More Details are in the article listed above

  • Hi Stefan,

    This is good stuff. I'd also add on the list the fact that stretched farms are no longer supported in SP2013:

    "All servers that belong to a server farm, including database servers, must physically reside in the same datacenter. Redundancy and failover between closely located data centers that are configured as a single farm ("stretched farm”) is not supported in SharePoint 2013."


    This was supported in SP2010 so might come as a surprise if you're just doing migration using existing infrastructure :).

  • Hi Jussi,

    this is more or less a wording issue. We had lots of cases in the past on this.

    Our Software has been tested on in Scenarios of a single data Center.

    But if you System worked fine with SP 2010, then it will also work fine with SP 2013.

    If you are affected by this specific Scenario I would recommend to open a Support case with Microsoft to get into a discussion about the implications.



  • Thanks Stefan! We've had discussions with Microsoft and it seems the default goes here, as they point us back to the Technet article. I fully understand that, but it's problematic for customers already going the stretched farm-route, and now needing to change the architecture to conform to SP2013 recommendations. But as always, it depends and is often case by case.

  • Thanks for the post, so good to give others a heads-up warning.

    I'd like to add one thing though: there's quite a lot of add-ons and peripheral software that might get broken by the upgrade. We're using this SharePoint add-on called ( and we decided to hang back with the upgrade until express assurance that it'll keep working as before, since the add-on is used on virtually all workstations.

  • Hi Stefan,

    I'm asking this question with self-education in mind, not an operational situation.

    Why is SP2013 not supported on a VM that utilizes dynamic memory?

    Many thanks,


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